Horikawa - Mr Hustler

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Horikawa - Mr Hustler.

Where the regular Mr. Hustler with astronaut face was always a strange robot in this horikawa series... this example brings things a step further and comes with a robot head with red fly eyes.

This example was build only for the Japanese Market and is a rare and scarce find because not much of these are floating around.
Build in Japan in the mid sixties by SH Horikawa. build out of tin and plastic parts with strange action.  In action this robot walks forward with flashing lights in his chest and his arms fold in an out. what makes is so special is that this robot automaticly runs on 2 speeds, fast and slow.

This robot was found on an attic overhere in the Netherlands where i found it in person along with a lot of other robots and spacetoys.  
Fantastic find of a vintage robot that was left there behind for many many years.

The robots condition is excellent and it works perfecty and strong but it needs a special way to get it going. The robot only wants to run when you touch one of the gears inside. it can be easily acessed from the bottom. 

I have tried several times but its the only way to wake this japanese robot up :)

Complete and all original robot in its full glory. Rare and scarce variation of Mr Hustler.

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