VST - Engine X-Ray Robot X-83

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VST - Engine X-Ray Robot X-83

With some spare parts left of a former Metal House Cockpit Robot my eye fell on a frontplate of a horikawa robot that was on my tinplate board in my workshop and I decided to use that for a new project.

I had a Horikawa Piston Robot with a missing leg and broken batterycompartment with quite some rust on the litho but... a perfect head. I had to look for it for some time because i packed it away in a box with other robots for parts.

I used an original Yoshiya Robot faceshield that i found many years ago in a lot of 5 original faceshields, and 2 little original bulbs that would fit perfect in the eyes.

I had some major problems to solve on this project. The pistons in the head are mechanical driven by a rod that comes out of the bottom of the head. In the original robot the ( piston ) there is a rod in the mechanism exactly under the head that drives the pistons. 
The cockpit mechanism is totally different and I had to think of a solution to drive the pistons in the head.

I put the project asside again because I could not find a good solution for this problem. Last week i finally had the solution in my head... it was basicly simple.. i had to use an other shaft in the mechanism to drive the pistons in the head by using a spring, just like they did in Alps Television Spaceman for example.

Next problem was that the only axle that could be used rotated anti clockwise and the piston head needed clockwise rotation.
I had to disable the rotato o matic action of the mechanism and reverse the plus and minus so that the mechanism could run anti-clockwise :)

Sounds simple but letting the cockpit mechanism run anti-clockwise it jammed the gears and i had to remove a pin of one of the gears to allow the mechanism to run properly.  The result was a walking robot but without the rotating action... well... if that is the offer to let the pistons work, so be it ;)

in the front the robot face shield was added with 2 "X-ray" lighted eyes, above that a special coil and all was covered with the robots original frontplate.

In action this robot works with walking action, X-Ray lights inside the body and 8 pistons in his head pump up and down with lighted action.

Its fantastic to search for new creations, try new actions and combine them into something cool, love to do this...

Oh and I added 2 fitting orange ears on the robots head, these were taken from a spaceship and have the exact color as the head, I think they fit perfectly.

Again a one of a kind unique robot, only one was made in this configuration. The robot is numbered: VST 1/1 and comes with an official certificate .

If you want to see the robot in action than click    HERE 

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