Nomura - Robot with Piston Action aka Pug Robby

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Nomura - Robot with Piston Action aka Pug Robby .
In the world of PUG robby Robots this golden variation with black feet is for sure the most difficult one to find... straight ears, golden body and black feet... yes !!! and when he comes with original box than the circle is complete !

The official name is simply ROBOT ( with piston action ) but better known as PUG robby. Made in Japan in the late fifties by Nomura.  This robot was made in some other colorvariations... gold with blue legs, silver with red legs, baby blue with straight ears and this one... the most rare and scarce variation, in gold with black legs and straight ears. 

In action this robot walks forward with lighted head with pumping pistons and spinning ears.  Made out of tin with a plastic dome. Controlled by a remote control unit that takes 2 D-Cell batteries.

The condition of this Pug Robby is absolute excellent. Besides some playwear there is not much else to mention on this example. works fine and strong, all original parts, dome, wire and remote are all original and the robot has never been messed with before. Fantastic example of this extremely hard to find variation. Accompanied by its original box in excellent condition as well.  A rare and scarce combination that is seldom seen in the market.

The robot works fine and strong by the way... Fantastic example with original box.

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