NGS - Flying Saucer Spaceship (white astronaut)

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NGS - Cragstan Flying Saucer Spaceship was one of my challenges and on top of my wishlist for a very long time. Finding pictures of this spacetoy was very very hard but finding one was like a needle in a haystack. To be honnest I didn`t expect to see one in real life. A year ago I was able to lay my hands on an original one in original box in almost new condition.

As nobody really knows anything about NGS, I think the base of this saucer was produced on Nomura molds. It shares the body with the also hard to find T28 Gigantor Space saucer (friction) produced by Numora. The antennas however seems to be "stolen" from the Yoshiya company that used exactly these kind of antennas on their famous flying saucers and it looks that the illuminated dome came from the planet explorer X-80 by modern toys. All very confusing and maybe that is why this saucer is so hard to find. 

Back to the spaceship now, This Flying Saucer is very BIG and has 2 static antennas, bump&go action, spacenoise ( the box calls it "sire - e - e - n"), a WHITE astronaut (I have also a version available with a BLUE astronaut) comming out of the spaceship ( a hatch opens ) from time to time, and my personal favorite feature: a dome that displays colourfull stars. The original box has some storagewear but is in great condition. The Saucer itself is in near mint condition with a few minor scratches and looks as if its hardly or never been played with. The batterycompartment is clean.

In "flying saucerworld" this is a scarce and very hard to find spacetoy. You will not see these around much in any condition. There is not much known about NGS but as far as I know, this is the only spacetoy they ever produced (for Cragstan) in small ( nowadays called: limited) numbers.