Nomura - Planet-Y Space Station red version

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This beautiful crafted spacestation is build in the late 1960, 1968 to be exact. There are 2 versions known of this spacestation and this is the more common "red variation". In the end when spacetoys almost finished their marketrun, this is an outstanding exception. Almost totally made out of lithographed tin and with only a few plastic parts like the dome and lenses. Nomurs Planet Y is a great late period spacetoy.

Planet-Y Space Station comes with mystery bump&go action, flashing lights in red and blue and a nice spacesound. Very attractive to see it in action with the steering astronaut in control in the midsection dome of the station. Great artwork on the box with a "slightly" different spacestation :-)

This Nomura Space Station is in excellent to near mint condition and has been never played with. Comes in its original box with all the original inserts. Both Box and Toy are in excellent condition.

Allthough this is a late period spacetoy, its not very common and hard to find in original condition with ditto box and inserts.

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