China - Double Barrel Machine Space Gun

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China - Double Barrel Machine Space Gun.

Officially called: ME-716. made in Japan in the late sixties or early seventies. Although this gun is officialy not called space gun, it sure is ! :-)

This gun is fully lithographed in beautifull blue litho, battery operated and has a double barrel but best of all... it has a fantastic atomic chamber on top of the gun. In action there is mystery light action underneith the white dome... something like we know from modern toys X-80 Space explorer. Absolute stunning to see this in action.

The gun is tinmade and takes 2 D-Cell batteries to power the gun. it produces a loud ratata sound, the barrels go in and out and the atomic chamber lights up with all different colors... Fantastic action and space for sure.
The condition is near mint unplayed with and the gun works really like new... no flaws to mention. Accompanied by its original box in excellent condition with all the inserts as well.

Hard to upgrade example of this fantastic spacegun.. complete and all original with original box.

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