VST - Susie Robette Miniature Limited 25 pieces

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VST - Susie Robette Miniature 12 cm static Limited 25 pieces

When i first met Susie Robette ( at Xris, for those who dont know who xris is... Xris is from Waterloo Belgium and he has simply the biggest and most diverse robot collection on this planet )... Susie Robette is one of the most rare and scarce robots on this planet, made in the USA in the late fifties and its the only known female robot ever made... the industrial design gives this robot an out of this planet look..

Only a handfull of these robots are known to excist. 2 years ago, xris gave me the change to make a study of susie robette. The result was a full size and working copy of this legendary robot ( more info HERE. )

Because this was quite an expensive project with ditto susies, I decided to bring susie to a next and easier entry level. This is the result. An exact copy of susie robette but now as a static robot at 12 cm in hight. This 12 cm susie robette is made in the highest quality possible on a 3D printed platform. ( Plz dont ask me how to get this robot digital in 3D... would take 4823927 extra pages to explain smile-emoticon

My focus was to bring her back to life in miniature in full detail.  This custom made and handpainted susie robette comes with her brush and a custom made box in a limited run of only 25 examples.

So if you want a copy of this legendary robot, just drop me a message.

1st of March 2016

Sold: 7
Available: 18

My email: boogo.nl@gmail.com