Gorgo - Veloflech Espacial

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Gorgo - Veloflech Espacial.

That not ALL the space concept cars were made in Japan proves this fantastic Veloflech Espacial Car... it was made in Argentina in the mid sixties and produced by Gorgo Industria.  

Made out of tin with vynil astronauts on control. Equipped with a friction engine and and awesome exhaust at the back of the car.

Not much known about this company, first time I have this car in my collection.

The condition is excellent, all original and complete. the fragile windscreen is perfect, no cracks and the car works fine and strong. No sparks anymore, the flint needs replacement but i dont want to open up this car for this. I will leave that to the new owner to decide.

A rare and scarce concept car, made in Argentina. Not often spotted in the open market in this excellent to near mint condition.  Fantastic example of this toy.

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