Horikawa - Changeman ( with custom made 3D printed Dino Head )

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Horikawa / VST - Changeman. ( With Custom made 3D printed Dino Head )   Number 1 of 3.

There is a lot to tell about this robot. You can read the complete history of this robot here on my website.. Search for Changeman and you will find all the ins and outs.. In this description, i will only focus on this example because its somehow special :) ! so here we go....
After building up all the remaining changeman robots from the parts i got from Mr. Shinji Miyazawa, I ended up with the "leftovers"  I had still ALMOST 3 complete changeman robots in parts but the most important parts were missing.. the DINO HEADS !

I invested the option to cast them but this was impossible to do because the inside of the dinohead had to be shaped for the Prince Head in closing action.

In November 2015 I started with 3D scanning and printing and I was able to capture Changeman`s Dino Head in a digital 3D file... this complex process went so very well that i decided to give it a go and started to print the left part of the head as a sample. it turned out FANTASTIC, much much better than i could have ever dreamed of.

I made a scan of the other half of the dino head and printed it in blue. After a total printing time in high resolution, of about 7 hours for each side, The came out SUPER !... I added with airbrush the golden layers of the head and handpainted the rest.  The result is somehow stunning... I had a complete Dinohead in hands and with this i am able to complete 3 other Changeman so that the can be saved for future generations ! :)

Because also 2 metal plates, on which the dino head houses, were missing I cut them directly out of tin. I had Mr Miyazawas drawings for this part so I had the exact measurements and dimensions.

After a couple of weeks of hard work, the robot was ready. AGAIN a legendary Changeman Robot was born and completed with new technology... 

Because i also ran out of of original remotes for this robot, I added an original vintage remote control to get the robot going again. To complete this robot i added an original custom made box for changeman i made last year.

The robots condition is near mint and only a few minor scratches on the body are keeping it from beeing mint. The robot is build according to the "80ths " Version just like Kitahara brought them in the market those days.

The inside head is original and not painted. the belt has no kaleidoscope and the arms are static. Exactly as the socalled "Kitahara" versions of the eighties.

Besides the 3D printed Dinohead, the 2 handcrafted tin plates in which the dinohead is mounted and the remote control, the rest of the parts are all original parts that came from Mr. Shinji`s Miyazawa`s workshop.

In total there will be THREE ! of these Changeman Robots made in exactly the same configuration, with 3D printed Dinohead, handmade plates for the head and a different remote control.  This is number 1 of 3.
After this project i simply ran out of parts and it will not be possible to build up an other one ever again !

Again an absolute unique Changeman Robot in which old and new technologie made it possible to save a treasure from the sixties.

Feel free to ask me all your questions you may have about this robot.

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