Asahitoy - Round Race No - 1 Jet Rocket

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Asahitoy - Round Race No - 1 Jet Rocket.

The first time i saw pictures of this rocket i could never have thought of the fact that this rocket was made to run along a rubber tube :) who oh who would think of something like this, only the Japanese engeneers I guess :)

I found this rocket in Denmark where it was part of a small collection of Yoshiya Toys. saucers, tanks and also this rocket, not yoshiya by the way, was part of that collection.

This is such a kind of rocket you can overlook and when you see it the first time you think.. ow yes, seen that one before but at closer inspection... you can be mistaken.

I did some research and found out that i was able to find exactly ONE picture of this rocket ( with its box and tube ) on the internet. 
On alphadrome is a description of this rocket but its not correct. the rocket is a windup and not battery operated like it says in the description there.  What does this tell us ! ? well that the rocket is so scarce that even the experts have not a single clue if this toy was battery operated or not.. well, mystery solved here.. its clockwork powered :)

The condition of this rocket is excellent, complete and all original and its in perfect working condition.The tube ( on which the rocket is supposed to "fly"  is missing and so is the box.  Nice and bright litho, perfect dome without any damage.
The toy is made by Asahitoy ( first time I see a toy from this manufacturer :) in Japan, probably in the late fifties or early sixties. 

Official name is Round Race No.1 Jet   and as far as i can see, its one of the few known to exist !  Rare and scarce spacetoy.

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