M Stars Trade Mark - Mechanical Space Kiddy

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M-Stars Trade Mark - Mechanical Space Kiddy

Well.. there is not much information to find about this ultra rare spacetoy. It was made in Japan in the mid sixties but also not sure about the exact date. Made by a company called: M-Stars Trade Mark.  This seldom seen spacetoy is a rare and very scarce toy and is showing up seldom in the open market.

I found this toy in Belgium where it was stored away on a dark attic for years.. well protected and well preserved.
The toy is a socalled "robot seesaw" and is driven by a windup / clockwork mechanism. In action the toy does acutally a seesaw action where the robots open and close their mouth. in the middle is an off center antenna spinning.
Made out of lithographed tin with a plastic bottom.  

The condition of this rare seesaw is excellent, all original and complete.
There is some normal playwear throughout the toy and it could need a good cleaning but besides that... its a very nice example of this scarce spacetoy. The antenna however is a professionally made reproduction and looking at it, it was made many many years ago.
The Toy is in working condition, works fine and strong.

A very rare and scarce spacetoy that is seldom seen. first time I have this one in my collection.

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