Daiya - Ranger Robot

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Daiya - Ranger Robot

Daiya Ranger Robots were made in 1963 in Japan by.. Yep.. Daiya ;-) and yes, there is a reason why this robot is so hard to find these days. The robot is basicly made out of plastic parts and therefore not many survived the playtime in hands of kids..

If found this robot in belgium where it was stored away on a dark attic for many years, well packed away and well preserved.
I cleaned the robot a bit and glued a part of one arm back to the robot, inserted batteries and yes.. the robot lighted up and immediatly began smoking :) with some shaking i could bring it back to life also.

The robot is basicly build out of plastic with a battery operated mechanism. The batteries goes in the back of the robot in the also fragile plastic batterycompartment. In action the robot walks forward with light and smoking action.

This robot is often seen with socalled "  hanging ears " The 2 different kinds of plastic wich are factory glued together ( ear and head but also eyes and mouth) had a chemical reaktion over the years which causes the plastic to melt due to this reaction. Its not really the case with this robot by the way, the head is in very good conditon.

The Overall condition of this robot is excellent with a minor crack in the batterydoor. The rest of the plastic body parts really survived very well and in fact this is a very nice example of this hard to find robot.

Only flaw to mention is that one arm was broken and was glued in the past. The part got loose again so I cleaned the parts and glued it back together. the robot needs a good clean but i will leave that to decide to the new owner.
The robot works fine and strong, walking action and light works, even the smoking unit is working and the robot still produces smoke.

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