S&E - Space Explorer Planet Cruiser U.N. 751

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S&E - Space Explorer ( Planet Cruiser U.N 751 )

As always, this toy also comes with a story that I want to share so here we go.

when I just started collecting, I bought a loose example from Mark Bergin, I believe that was back in 2008 or so.  Mark told me he NEVER had seen the toy before and I decided to buy it.

Years later I sold the loose Space Explorer, dont know remember to who i sold it but I believe it went to Japan. That was in 2012.  In the same year I was contacted by a friend of mine in Italy and he showed me some pictures of... Yes, the Cruiser WITH the original box !
The toy was not working but I decided to buy it as I really wanted to have it boxed.

I sold it again a year later to a friend of mine in Brazil where the toy was stored away till 2017. I was offered the toy again and I bought it back from Brazil..

The toy and the box survived the trips well but.. was still not working. When it arrived I decided to open it up with the expertise I gained over the years. I was able to open the cruiser ( very difficult to open up without damage but i succeeded to open and close it without doing ANY damage to the toy. )

Inside I found the problem.. a loose wire to the batterybox, no wonder the toy did never work and I think that is the luck.. the toy probably never worked and therefore survived the years in its box.

I also replaced the blue bulb under the dome with an original one because that bulb was dead also.
after some hours of work, THE moment was there... Starting up the Cruiser after all those years of beeing dead in its box... WOW... with swiveling light under the engine dome, smoke and sound, stop and go action.. what a fantastic spacetoy !

The condition is excellent to near mint. all original and complete and the cruiser works fine and strong. No flaws to mention on this one. Complete with its original box in excellent to near mint condition.

A VERY VERY rare and scarce combination. I never saw a second boxed one in all my collecting years. For me a personal favorite ! The shape, colour and actions, along with the fantastic arwork on the box makes this an unique toy !  WOW !

CFP:  Contact me For Price      at       boogo.nl@gmail.com

CFP:  Contact me For Price    at     boogo.nl@gmail.com