Marusan - Robot Boat No.7

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SAN ( Marusan ) - Robot Boat No.7

What the hell on earth were they thinking overthere in Japan in the fifties... a boat driven by a robot on a desolate planet far far away ( yes you can see that the water on the box is defently NOT from this planet ! :)

I am sure about ONE thing and that is I would have LOVED it as a kid and I would have made many changes to the boat when I was a kid also.. I would have motorised it with a seperate motor with batteries and things like that... in short.. the toy would NOT have survived in my younger years..

Luckily this example was kept and hidden far away from me :)
I found this one with modern technology named: facebook :)
THe toy was offered there by a friend in Germany and he was willing to sell it to me.

It was for sure the BOX that took my full interest. Its an amazing piece of Japanese artwork again...beautifull artwork on a box that survived time very well. Of course, just as with many other toys, the robot is looking MUCH better on the box than its on the actual toy... but that is the charm of these japanese spacetoys and robots.

The condition of the boat is near mint. NO flaws to mention other than a scratch on the bottom. I really doubt if the boat has been sailed with a lot, I guess it spent more time in its box than on the water.

The boat is made fully out of lithographed tin with a crank mechanism to power the propellor. This all works fine by the way.

The boat is accompanied by its original box in very good to excellent condition. there are some small inside repairs to keep the corners together. The box is a very nice candidate for a restauration.
Amazing artowork on the box. 

Besides all this, this is the first time I see this boat complete ( read: with the original box )  Extreme rare and scarce combination that simply never shows up in the open market...

Very rare and scarce robot boat in this condition with extremely rare box.

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