Yonezawa - Smoking Robot Blue

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Yonezawa - Smoking Robot Blue Variation.

To me and to many others, smoking robot is somehow the "mother of all robots"  The design is simply stunning and the robots appeal is strong, wonderfull and when you ask a child to draw a robot, it will end up looking like a smoking robot :)

Smoking robot was made in 3 color variations: Grey, Green and Blue.
where the grey one is relative common, blue and green are scarce and show seldom up in the market.  Smoking robot was made in Japan in the late fifties by Yonezawa and Linemar. The blue and green ones were only produced by Yonezawa by the way.

I found this example in Italy about a year ago, I believe even in 2015. The robot was in a terrible condition and was played with like hell ! :)
It had several bumps, missing the dome and a battery door.  Normally a robot that would have been thrown away by the parents but for some reason this one survived and was put away in a box on an attic for more than 45 years !

The robot was discovered again when the attic was cleaned up because of a leak in the roof.  It was found in Verona, about 100 km from Milano.
A friend of mine found the robot and asked me to come over to check it out. Besides this blue smoker some other robots were found but this blue one was the catch of the day :)

I had the robot in my workshop for quite some time and Martijn, my partner in robot crime, helped me to restore the robot. He repaired the dings, found me an original dome and helped me to mix the paint for the batterydoors.  Now, making that grey / blue color again is quite a job and I would never have been able to complete that mission without Martijn`s help, thanks man !

We used 2 original batterydoors from a grey smoking robot, sanded them and repainted them with our self mixed blue paint that comes REALLY close to the original paint of the blue robot. Its was the only way to complete the robot again because parts for this blue robot are simply impossible to find.

We checked the mechanism, replaced all the wires and also replaced the smoking unit with the same original one. the old one was broken and is a closed circuit so impossible to repair. we replaced it by a spare one i had in my parts bin for years... and wow.. he really smokes like new :)

The overall condition is absolute excellent. The robot is complete and has all the original parts. only the 2 batterydoors are professionally repainted with airbrush to bring the robot back to its former glory. The robot works fine and strong with lighted eyes and smoking action.
There is some normal playwear as you can expect from a played with toy robot. The robot has fantastic pantina and is really a beautifull example of this very rare color variation that seldom shows up in the market. 

The robot is accompanied by an original box. This is a second run of the original yonezawa box that was done in small numbers in the early eighties. The box toplid is new, originally made in Japan by Yonezawa in the early eighties. 

It completes this fantastic robot which has been brought back to its former glory.

Absolute rare and scarce Smoking Robot in Blue... extremely hard to find in ANY condition !!

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