Aoshin - Kamen Rider Amazon Ford Galaxy

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Aoshin - Kamen Rider Amazon Ford Galaxy.

It still amazes me.. the fantastic creations made by the Japanese... This aoshin car, read Ford driven by Kamen again a fantastic example of their skill and imagination...

I found the car in Italy Milano where it was discoverd by a friend of mine.
This Kamen Rider Ford Galaxy was made in 1975 by Aoshin in Japan. Made out of lithographed tin with a friction engine installed under the hood..

The condition is excellent to near min and only some minor discoloring of the red stripes on the hood is keeping it from higher grading.  Complete, all original and Rare with a capital R ! :)

I never saw this car before in all my collection years... Fantastic toy with awesome litho... only thing missing is the original box...

Very rare and scarce spacetoy that is seldom seen in the market... 

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