Nomura - Mobile Space TV unit with Trailer Salesman / Prototype

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Nomura - Mobile Space TV unit with Trailer Salesman / Prototype ?

Well... the alert collector must have spotted the differences by now... Here we go....
This TV unit was found in a small collection that contained more rare and strange toys I had never seen before.  I had to travel to Italy again  ( where else ! :) to see things with my own eyes.  The collection contained a lot of rare prototypes and salesman samples and this Unit was one of them and it was the only one that i was able to buy. The seller did not speak a word english. My italian was just good enough to explain to him that i really was interested in this toy and that I wanted to buy it... after a good dinner with fantastic pizza and some beers he was willing to let it go.

The toy had been lying in dust and dirt for years ( that is what i could get out of his story ) and the seller collected only rare never seen toys for his entire life.  Well.. this one is rare for sure...

Instead of the normally grey astronaut, this one got the green astronaut that is only known from the earlier lightblue version. The astronaut is absolute 100 % original no doubt about that.
Its unclear how this toy ended up with the earlier astronaut.. several senario`s are possible but most likely it looks like this was made as a sample or salesman sample... I do not believe its a prototype because there is no handpainting or whatever.... a try out to see if the newer version would look better with the green astronaut ? I have no idea to be honest..
The toy really looks outstanding and is less boring with the green astronaut.  The tracks looks to be replaced.  The antenna on the back is an original antenna but its different that the one that is supposed to be on the toy... 

The mechanism looks like a mystery bump and go action but is fixed so that the toy only goes straight forward...The light in the camera lights up but the lenses do not move.. This would place it back to a prototype toy because i have seen it before on other prototypes that the bump and go mechanism was fixed to let the toy only go straight forward.

The toy is marked Nomura and the litho shows a lot of wear, caused by the dirt and dust over the years.  The battery compartment is clean and the unit still works.

A toy with a lot of unanswered questions and i will try to find some answers in the near future.. 

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