Bandai - Space Jet Vehicle

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Most popular spacetoys from the golden age were definitly the ones that were able to produce smoke. There are a few "smoking" toys known. A flying saucer from Yoshiya, a smoking robot and this scarce Space Jet Vehicle, manufactured by Bandai Japan in 1964. The actions are really outstanding. Placed on the floor the vehicle moves around with non-stop mystery bump&go action. Suddenly the vehicle stops and the clear dome with the astronaut underneith opens and the engine produces big puffs of smoke that come out of the tailsection. All the time there is a beautifull "lightshow" from the engine shown under the dome behind the driver. This spacetoy is in one word: SPECTACULAR.

Bandai Space Jet Vehicle is in near mint to mint condition and I dont think this toy was ever played with. There is no rust and there are no dings or scratches and it comes with original box with all the inserts. Both the toy as the box are near mint to mint condition and the Space vehicle works as it did more then 45 years agoo.

Bandai Space Jet Vehicle is a very scarce spacetoy. Very uncommon and almost impossible to find in this condition. Highly collectibel and searched for.

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