Bandai - Space Jet Vehicle

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Bandai - Space Jet Vehicle

Most popular spacetoys from the golden age were definitly the ones that were able to produce smoke. There are a few "smoking" toys known. A flying saucer from Yoshiya, a smoking robot and this scarce Space Jet Vehicle, manufactured by Bandai Japan in 1964. The actions are really outstanding. Placed on the floor the vehicle moves around with non-stop mystery bump&go action. Suddenly the vehicle stops and the clear dome with the astronaut underneith opens and the engine produces big puffs of smoke that come out of the tailsection. All the time there is a beautifull "lightshow" from the engine shown under the dome behind the driver. This spacetoy is in one word: SPECTACULAR.

Bandai Space Jet Vehicle is in excellent condition with some minor spots of corrosion on the inside of the batterycompartment. When I found the toy some years ago it was working and smoking, I tested it again before making pictures but i could not bring it back to life again.
As i dont want to open up this toy I will leave that to the new owner to decide.
The toy has never been messed with before and I want to leave it that way..Bringing it back to life will not be a hard job because it was in full working order some years ago.

Accompanied by its original box in good condition with some tears as shown in the pictures. Original box and displays well.

Bandai Space Jet Vehicle is a very scarce spacetoy not showing up to often with original box

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