Modern Toys - Space Ship X-5 (orange)

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Modern Toys Space ship X-5 of the late 1970`s ( 1979 to be exact). As a late, maybe one of the latest serious flying Saucers ever Produced by a Japanese Toymaker, there is still a lot of very beautifull Tin used in this spaceship, that comes with a revolving body, flashing lights, multi colours, beep-beep sound and revolving internal antenna. It has the famous mystery bump&go action. Its one of the fastest bump and go saucers ever made, so be aware...

This X-5 Space Ship is in very good condition with some minor playwear. It comes with original box that has some storage and playwear too. Still the artwork of the box is displaying well. All functions are 100 % working, there is no rust, there are no dings and the battery compartment is cristal clean. and the saucer works as if it was new. The clear dome has no scratches or cracks.
This saucer will fit perfectly in any spacetoy collection. This collectibel X-5 Space Ship from Japan is much searched for.

This is the rare colour variation with green and orange !!