Nomura - Space Station Keroyon

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This Keroyon Spacestation, build by Nomura in the late 1960`s was definitly made for the Japanese market. The base for this spacetoy is the nomura Planet - Y Space Station. but this time its not an astronaut in control but a..... FROG :) I haven`t found out much yet about the figures on this spacetoy but they must be very famous in Japan. Maybe the Spacestation comes from "Planet of the Frogs":-)
The Station features mystery bump&go action, flashing lights in blue and red comming out of the lenses and also the frog is green illuminated. All with a clicking "froggie" spacenoise.

The station itself has not much been played with and is in near mint / new condition. All functions, lights and spacenoise work as new. The box is original and has really beautiful artwork and is also in great condition with minor storagewear. Also the original inserts are present.

The purple colour is not common for spacetoys ( allthough I saw more purple spacetoys like the planet cruiser UN 751) The litho is odd, rare and made for the Japaneese market as are the figures.

Nomura "Frog" Space Station is a very scarce spacetoy not often seen in US and Europe. Hard to find in near new condition with original box and inserts. 

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