Modern Toys - Lighted Space Vehicle

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Masudaya - Modern Toys Lighted Space Vehicle build in Japan in 1964 is a very attractive spacetoy. This Tin plated Spacetoy or spacetank has of course the mystery bump&go actions like most spacetoys. There are flashing taillights in red and green smartly protected by coilwires, but there is more.... Also found in Masudaya`s flying saucers, this Space Vehicle comes with a floating satellite. A styrene ball is blown high above the tank by a ingenious blowing mechanism and follows the vehicle all the time.

The artwork on the professional made reproduction box is great and so is this Lighted Space vehicle itself. In full working order and in excellent condition. The only flaw is a very small crack in the clear dome above the head of the astronaut. Overall the condion is very good with only very light playwear. You can see this tank has not much been played with. the litho is bright and shiny. There is absolutely no rust, there are no dings and minor playwear. The batterycompartment is clean. there was never left a leaking battery inside.

Modern Toys Lighted Space Vehicle is a much search for spacetoy by both spacetoy- as tankcollectors. A common spacetoy but not much found in good condition and fully operational. This one comes with reproduction box and 2 floating satelittes.