Clifford Hong Kong - Moonranger Mercury Mark IV

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Not all flying saucers were made out of tin and were build in Japan. At the end of the "spacerun" in the mid 1970`s the Chineese toymarket became stronger and stronger. Tinmade spacetoys were hard to find anymore as were the toys "made in Japan". BUT, also the Chineese were able to create collectibel spacetoys. This Moonranger Mercury Mark IV is a good example of this. Almost totally made out of plastic ( only the batterycover is tinplate :) this flying saucer has mystery bump&go action, FOUR astronauts in control, spacenoise and my personal favorite feature, the dome with the stars.....(the box calls it multicolour revolving lights). Oh and there is a static antenna.

The artwork is what makes this saucer a classic for sure. In the 70`s most artwork was photorealistic but the artwork on this original box looks as if it was made in the 60`s, very beautifull. The saucer itself is in near mint condition. Its complete, there are no cracks and all functions work as if the saucer was new. There is minor playwear on the dome.

There are several colourful versions known of this Moonranger but this colourvariation is the most scarce one.