Amico - Space Patrol X-16

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Though this is not the most scarce one, Amico Space Patrol X-16 is perhaps the most difficult one to find in the "Gang of Five" :-)
Its also the only one of the five flying bowl shaped saucers that is not equipped with the non-stop mystery bump&go action but with the non fall ( of the table ) steering wheels underneath. The other 4 ( X-11, X12,  X-15 and X-17) are produced by Masudaya while the X-16 is made by Amico. The lithography is exactly the same as the litho on the X-17, absolutely no difference. Even the artwork on the box seems to be exactly the same and the only changes seems to be the letters on the saucer.

Amico Space Patrol X-16 features non fall action ( it wont fall from a table ) flashing lights spacesound and ( masudaya`s) floating satellite. It comes with original box and inserts. The batterycompartment is clean and I dont think this saucer has been much played with. Its in near mint condition and of course in 100 % working condition.

As a member of the " Gang of Five "  its on of the harder to find saucer because of a very short productionrun but even more important and thats my personal opinion: The Non Fall Action was not THAT popular those days. This Amico Space Patrol X-16 is
VERY scarce and very hard to find in this excellent condition.
Collect them all..... and enrich your collection with the famous "Gang of Five"  The X-11, X-12, X-15, X-16 and X17...

Oh... and why the numbering started with 11, skipped 13 and 14... I have no idea but I will try to find out :)