Vintage Spacetoys - News

13th of November 2017

Available now !!: Robot Christmas Ornaments 2017: Susie Robette, Tremendous Mike and Big Loo\'s Head.
39 USD a piece and 99 USD as a set of three ( + shipping )
Check them out and make your Christmas Tree 2017 a special one !!


10th of November 2017

Last week I have been working on the new website that will go life at the end of this month... Ill keep you posted here... all the new toys will be added to the new website... 
More info soon


2th of November 2017

Working on a new website for the past 2 weeks, more about that later this month.. today it was time to add some new toys...
First in the row is a near mint mr mercury with original box and instruction manual... 
than, I added again a Nomura - Earthman... excellent to near mint condition and perfectly working !


26th of October 2017

One of the best spacetoys ever made was added today.. in near mint condition with original ditto box !....
Yanoman - Rendez Vous 7.8....


10th of October 2017

This week I started with a rare boxed flying saucer: Modern Toys - Space Surveyor X-12...
I also added a MINT blink a gear robot with very nice box .. check it out, hard to ever upgrade robot !
More to come... 

4th of October 2017

I added a sample / prototype if Otti`s Robby the Robot... in Chrome !! check it out...More to come !


27th of September 2017

Again from Mr. Shinji`s Miyazawa`s legacy... a prototype / sample robot.  Cosmic Fighter Robot. check it out !!...
Than, In 2012 i found 10 Daiya Ranger Robots in Australia from an old toyshop. I sold them all over the years but.. kept the best for last...
Its available NOW !....

21th of September 2017

From Ohsato... I finally found the other variation: RX-777 Shopping Robot... with all the accesoires and original box as well...
Somewhere on my site you will also find RX-888... they are cool !!

More to come soon

20th of September 2017

A future car this time... back to 1955.. Alps - Lincoln Futura in grey, battery operated.. the rarest one !
More to come


9th of September 2017

Today I added a robot that I had packed away since 2012 or so...
Yonezawa - Talking Robot, perfectly working with JAPANESE talking mechanism... check it out !!


8th of September 2017

Today I added a lightblue variation of the awesome Moon Patrol Vehicle X-5 made by Yonezawa.
Fantastic condition and I believe all three variations are present on my website now ! :)

Than.. I added an original box of Roboter 700   ultra rare and scarce box.
To make things even more crazy.... take a look at the Rotator Robot with original box ! ..... dazzling....

Finally I added a near mint xm-12 rocket with original box.


6th of September 2017

A rare variation of Waco`s Hook Robot.. in light blue with a silver mouthpiece...
also in blue... blue piston variation of sparky robot with the rare detective box !  From Modern Toys a rare variation of the legendary X-15 space patrol
More to come

25th of August 2017

Today I added a boxed near mint Missile Carrier from Daiya. Seldom seen with the original box, toy is perfect ! check it out !
Than, from Korea.. nopes, no rockets this time but an ultra cool remote controlled Super Space Commander Robot... RARE !!
Further I added a near mint laughing robot from Waco with exeptional nice box
More to come

18th of August 2017

Well, 5 new 3D printed Radar Master robots kept me busy last week and it will take an other week before they are ready but... good news is, they will be available soon again  ! :)
Further I added the second robot in the special STAR STRIDER series: Topolino Star Strider, check it out !!

Besides the Jalisco Star Strider, there is a second robot available, the Topolino Star Strider. Both will only be made on demand and in a very limited run of 5 pieces each !

More to come soon !

10th of august 2017

Giant Robot Radio with original box is one you dont see to often around... impressive Radio with FM and AM :)
packed in a kick ass box :)
More to come

9th of august 2017

Today I added a boxed blink a gear robot from Taiyo. Further a gear robot, japanese version with red eyes and original japanese box.

7th of august 2017

Robot Mechanico, made in Spain by Lemssa. Unplayed with example in original box !
Furher I added Nobuo`s version of Tremendous Mike Robot and a near mint boxed planet robot .. check it out !!

5th of august 2017

Ok, back from vacation in France ( man it was HOT there pfffff )
Back to work now and I started the day with an ultra scarce robot: Linemar porthole robot... 
More next week !

12th of July 2017

Today its raining like hell overhere in Holland so a perfect day again to make pictures and to add some new robots to the website :)
We start the day with a very nice Missile robot from Alps.......
The second one is a rare BLACK original Star Strider from Horikawa !  Unique and RARE ! in black.
From Topper Toys I present: Rocky !!   no not the boxer, the ROBOT ! :-)
To launch some serious rockets you can use the two stage rocket launching pad with original box.

7th of July 2017

I added 2 variations of Lunar Spaceman from HongKong, yes the "ugly" ones :) in grey and red, both with original box !
Again a Jupiter Robot but this time not from Yonezawa but from Yoshiya. Yes, the rare blue one with the gears and remote control... 
Than, an other blue one from Frankonia, Sparky Robot with original very very nice box !
More to come...


5th of July 2017

A very rare and scarce Space Bus.. check it out and look who is inside the bus ! :) you will be surprised !
From S&E ( Susuki & Edwards ): Space Explorer !  Maybe better known as Planet Cruiser U.N 751 WITH original never seen box !!
Than, I also added a nice space capsule from Horikawa: Friendship 7. 
I also added a small rocket from Asahitoy, Space Patrol and from Marx Toys: Mr Smash with original box
Last one added is from Nomura - Robotank Z first version with tin arms and original box !


4th of July 2017

Today I added one of my creations I made back in 2014: VST - Giant Kaleidoscope Man. From Nomura is Space Man contributing.

3th of July 2017

Its monday, July has started and time to add some new toys to the website today. First one is a near mint moon create from Marx with original box. Than I added an excellent and original Nomura Blue Astronaut.. Beep Beep.... with original box. Than, from Yonezawa, I added a boxed Ribbon Head Robot.
Further I added a nice Mini Robotank from Nomura, also with original box. and Earthman, astronaut from Nomura.

More to come..

27th of June 2017

Just got back from a week of Motor Driving through what a fantastic country ! No robot but mystery enough there ! :-)
When I got back home a cool robot was waiting for me: Yonezawa - Jupiter Robot WITH !!! Original Box !


15th of June 2017

Robotino is here ! :) 3D printed exact copy of the original robot, scaled back to 30% of its size to make it fit to your other robots :)
with clockwork mechanism, walking action and posable arms. Strickly Limited to 10 pieces ! Check it out !
I also added a near mint Moon Explorer from Modern Toys with original box !

Than, I recently completed the second Tuliphead Prototype Robot. I made the first one in 2015. This is the second one in a limited series of 3 pieces. Stunning Robot with original box !!   


7th of June 2017

Today I added a very rare Horikawa Robot : Mr. Patrol, the robot version ! ) 
Very nice robot with ditto reproduction box.

Than... Long Leg Mirror Man from Bullmark... Man, what an impressive Robot... Love it !!
More to come soooooon. :)  

6th of June 2017

I added a rare and very scarce robot from Estrela Brazil today: Robocom !
from Czechoslovakia:  A very cool spacetank with very rare and scarce beautifull box art !
Than i added a scarce Osaka Thunderbirds Scott Stacy with original box ! and from KO: a piston blue sparky with original detective box !

more to come..


1st of June 2017

Modern Toys - Lunar Expedition. I had this toy for some years in my workshop. near mint and unplayed because of 2 broken wheels so one of the tracks did not work. Last week I took the time to draw the wheels and gear in Cad 3D and printed them in high resolution. The result is stunning. If you are not aware of the fact they are replaced you would probably never find out.. 100 % perfect fit. Near mint toy and box in full working order... check it out.

Than an other rarity was added to the website: Daito - Mighty Robot   Ultra rare and scarce robot !

26th of May 2017

From Spain this time, a rare and scarce green version of Space Scooter, made by EGE.
From Taiwan: Excavator Robot with Red Lighted Eyes !! Than from The US of A... Tigrett Industries: The Golden Sonic...
A toy you really have to check out as all the later modern toys Sonicon Rockets were based on this one..made in 1957.


20th of May 2017

I added one of the most scarce robots around... Yonezawa Smoking Robot in GREEN with Original box...
Further from Yonezawa, I added a second colourvariation of Moon Patrol Vehicle X-5.. near mint example !

18th of May 2017

An Astronaut Space Helmet this time from Ideal with original box... cool stuff... 
From Horikawa: Changeman Robot with Kaleidoscope and original box

12th of May 2017

Adding some new robots to my website today. First one Is a prestine Smoking Robot from Yonezawa.
Further I added a Batmobile from AHI / ASC

More to add today..


9th of May 2017

U-Tom The Robot... Amazing its from another Planet ! :)... Now available as DIY Kit, Limited Edition !
Than, I added a real rarity... From Mahishi... Space Tank X-17... Extremely Rare spacetoy.. not in the best condition but never seen before...
More to come...


2th of May 2017

Space Patrol Car from Nomura but than in a totally different variation... Rare !!
more to come..

21th of April 2017

A near mint to mint Mighty Robot with original box from KO Yoshiya ! From China: Robot V1   you really have to check this one out !! 
More to come !!.....

10th of April 2017

From the gang of five, I`ve added a very very nice train robot from Modern toys... His official name is Giant Sonic Robot by the way...

7th of April 2017

did you know that Kamen Rider had a For Galaxy to cruise the universe... Nopes.. me neither untill today :)
made by Aoshin....awesome toy... 
even more rare... from Daito Japan: Space Missile Tank with original box...


30th of March 2017

Spring arrived here in Holland along with a fantastic rare toy... Modern Toys - Robot car X-9 WITH Original Box !!
Further I added a fantastic Moon Astronaut from Daiya with original box !


24th of March 2017

I found a near mint Space Platform from Linemar Toys in Italy some time ago. First time i ever saw this toy in real life..
Fantastic action and artwork on the box... Rare and Scarce Spacetoy !
Than I found a KO High Wheel Robot overhere in Holland... The box I had lying around for years already so its a complete set again now.
.. MOre to come... 

10th of March 2017

I added a near mint Alps - Rocketman in space armor with original box today.
Further I added a rare and scarce Tomy Mike Robot WITH original box !!
More to come

8th of March 2017

Drumming Mike Robot is a one of kind creation, made in the Dutch Caves...Tam Tam Tam... Ta Da Ta Tam Tam Tam...
let the beat begin....


3th of March 2017

A found recently an excellent to near mint Nomura Space Man, all original and complete. No upgrade needed on this one !
Further... from Osaka Tin Toy Industry... Tremendous Mike... artwork by Nobuo Yamashita... 
More to add today..

1st of March 2017

Has been a while since I had a nice example of Apollo 11 Lunar Module. Added one today to the website. Toy is near mint and looks hardly been played with. The box is excellent with the always present punctures in the toplid from the rod of the LEM... Overal fantastic toy !
Further I found a radar robot aka space explorer or visa versa :)   with rare box variation for this robot !
more to come...

28th of February 2017

Space Orbiter from Technofix... anybody ever seen it before ! ? .... Out of THIS world Lithographics...

27th of February 2017

Tremendous Mike is available in 5 different colors now: grey, orange, blue,green and pink
I am working on a couple of other colorvariations as well but they will be added later... Enough to see right now :)

21th of February 2017

I added a realy rare and scarce attacking martian medallion with japanese box and busycart arms ! check it out !
Further I found a Nomura Batman in Italy in excellent to near mint condition ( rare yellow switch variation !! )


17th of February 2017

The Invasion of Mike has started..... Available now in Grey and Orange... Limited to 25 pieces each... !!

10th of February 2017

From Tada... Atom Boy Police Car... not in minty condition but still.. an extreme rare piece !
Than, I found a very nice blue horikawa space station again in Italy last year...Fantastic condition and perfectly working..


9th of February 2017

while the 3D Tremendous Mike project is keeping me busy ( almost there ! :) I was able to add a fantastic new member to my website: Yonezawa Smoking Robot in ... Tadaaaa..... BLUE   what a fantastic robot in this color ! check it out...

Further... from Czechoslovakia... ASTRONAUT  made by USVD... ( who ! ? :-)   check it out... a true museum piece !

More to come


1st of February 2017

Again I found a fantastic Mechanized Robby Robot with original box !
Check it out, more to come..


27th of January 2017

I have been busy with a new 3D project, Tremendous Mike... more about that later. It was time again to add some toys to the website today..
started with a rare and seldom seen LUNAR 7 Rocket from Nomura... 
I also found and added a dark blue Hook robot from Waco... in played with condition but... who cares ! :) its A HOOK... wahooooo 

More to come


16th of January 2017

Only one robot added today, way to busy with a new 3D printed project.. ( Tremendous Mike, more about him later )
I added a very nice green eye R-35 Robot with original box !

more demain !


Friday the 13th... January 2017

Well, the date is maybe not the best one to add toys to but it had to give it a try... 
If the name: Kanto and Space Patrol ring a bell.. than you have to check things out.. :-) have a great weekend !

10th of January 2017

Yesterday it was time to finish one of my latest projects... Ichiko - Space Patrol Car X-5 driven by nobody less than Mr Roboter 700 himself :-)

more to come... 

6th of January 2017

In excellent to near mint condition... Tuliphead with original box... cool example of this legendary robot !

4th of January 2017

Again some very nice, rare and scarce toys added today: Alps - Door Robot with original box and an ultra scarce white Moon Vehicle X-5 from Sankei... check it out !!
And.. have you EVER seen Mazinger Z driving a VW Beetle ! ? :-)....NOpes.. me neither !


2 January 2017

I found a very nice Mr. Hustler again last month.. no box but a fantastic and very good working example of this legendary Robot.
Further I added a very rare attacking Martian variation.. with a BIG head, red fly eyes... strange looking, rare and scarce !
From Italy Milano: C1P8   check it out !! rare sjiet ! ;)

More to come... !


1st of January 2017


23th of December 2016

Just before I wanted to wish everybody a fantastic Christmas I took the time to add 3 more fantastic toys to my website.
Daiya space conqueror, Robotank Z  and Super Sonic Space Giant...



21th of December 2016

Well, the unthinkable happend...I sold today the last GOSSTAVO HARLEQUIN ! :-)  25 build, 25 sold !!
I believe there is ONE available at but thats about it...

Harlequin was a crazy project which I enjoyed, it was fun to make these robots together with Martijn, thanks !!


16th of December 2016

Dino Prototype was added, made by Mr Shinji Miyazawa... check it out....
Further I added an other ultra rare and scarce robot.. Spaceman from Modern Toys in... RED ! :)


9th of December 2016

Modern Toys Fire Bird Space Patrol is not that often seen with its original box...
Beautifull artwork on the box... check it out !!
From HongKong... Mego... Lunar Spaceman.. Rare robot and box !!
Have a great weekend 

7th of December 2016

Its not that often you see a cragstan astronaut in original box, unplayed with old stock !
Futher it looks like cragstan day because i found a very nice Great Astronaut from Cragstan ( Alps ) as well WITH original box !


5th of December 2016

The week has started with a Modern Toys - Lavender Robot, part of the gang of five !!
My friend Martijn found an awesome flying saucer from China some time ago... ME-050... check it out !
More to come..


28th of November 2016

I added 2 very special and rare toys today... first one is the KX-2000 spaceship from SJL ( france )
the second one is an ultra rare batman batmobile from Modern Toys.
Further I added a near mint Nomura - Mechanized Robby Robot.
More to come...

24th of November 2016

I found one of the most beautifull flying saucers ever build..... GE - 279 From Technofix... you really have to check it out..
Made in Western Germany in 1955 !!  :-)

Further I added a robot boat with original box... 
More to come

18th of November 2016

If you are looking for an excellent + Pug Robby the Robot in Gold with Black Legs and dont mind that the box is not original than this might be the robot for you !   check it out, a fantastic example !

Than, I added an extreme rare and scarce spaceship from China: MF-960 in excellent condition.

17th of November 2016

X-17 Space Patrol ( yes NON STOP ! :)  with original box added today to the website !
From Aoshin, I added a rare blue space patrol with original japanese box.
Oh and YES... The brand new VST - 3D Printed Radar Master Robot is available !!! check it out !

More to come


11th of November 2016

It has been a while since I had a nice Yanoman Space Scout S-17 in my collection... finally found a nice working one, its added to the website today.
I also added an excellent+ Mr Atomic from Yonezawa... has been a while since I saw this robot... the holy grail ! :)

Than, I added a bandai - space jet vehicle with original box

More to add today....

31th of October 2016

From KO - Yoshiya I added a very nice space patrol 3 flying saucer with original box.
More to come...

26th of October 2016

Again i have been busy to complete my lastest project: 3D Printed Radar Master Robot... more about that later.
The robots first prototype is ready so that leaves time to finally add some new toys to the website...

From Germany ( Tucher & Walther ) comes an impressive Steam Robot called: Space Man !!  check it out,
From Mr Shinji Miyazawa a very cool metallic blue mechanized robot  !!     more to come...


10th of October 2016

It had been a while since i saw such a nice example of Horikawa`s Attacking Martian in gold...The robot has hardly been played with and comes with the original telsada box.

More to come...


7th of October 2016

Just before the weekend starts, I had the time to picture and add another fantastic Robot from KO Yoshiya... Space Robot Trooper with original box !!

Have a great weekend


6th of October 2016

Have you ever seen Happy Harry unplayed with in its japanese box with all the inserts ! ? :-)
Check it out ! but there is more.. what to think of Nomura`s Lunar Captain... near mint toy and box AND working with all the actions....
than from Bullmark there is: Baragon, complete and all original with its fantastic original box !
At the last toyshow in brussels i spotted a mint television spaceman ( with red antenna )  The robot is new unplayed with, prestine robot.
box has some restoration but still a nice example..


5th of October 2016

My goal was to add several new toys today to the website but a lot of administation and other things kept me busy to long...
anyway, i was able to add one new toy already today ( more tomorrow ! )
Yonezawa - Space Car second version. The one with the moving robby head and vertical fin ( but without the vertical fin :-) can you still follow me ! ? :-)... More tomorrow


29th of September 2016

Yes I know, it has been a while again but i had been busy with my latest project: Roboter Emil...... 
The fourth German Robot made in 1968... brought back to life with 3D scanning and 3D Printing red, blue and yellow :)


16th of September 2016

2 very rare and scarce toys were added to my website today.  From ATC: Space Robot X-103 and from Yoshiya... Space Patrol Car.. .yep, the one with the blue astronaut in control ! :-)

More next week... 


9th of September 2016

I found a near mint boxed U-5 Robot from Daiya... fantastic example, complete and working !


8th of September

Daiya - Space Conqueror in Green !    Scarce Robot added to the website today !
Than, this year i came home from vacation in italy with only ONE robot but wow, what a cool find again ! I was excited !
Yonezawa - Jupiter Robot...
More to add soon..........

30th of August 2016

Well, yes.. Italy was great and I found some nice toys there again this vacation... more about that later :)
I added a rare Modern Toys Space Man today in excellent condition... one you dont see around to often... More to come...


4th of August 2016

A near mint space capsule 6 from Modern Toys in original box is one you dont see to often around.
Fantastic toy and box, no upgrade needed on this example !!
I found a very nice Winky Robot overhere in Holland, has been a while since i had one listed on my website...
From Italy an unplayed with near mint busy cart robot in perfect working condition with original cart and box !. In absolute stunning condition !!
Also I found a second busy cart robot but this one has the socalled:  " long feet "    Rare variation !
Also from Italy ( Milano ) an absolute excellent Naito Shoten - Interplanetary Explorer...and a seldom seen Gumball Robot made also in Italy 
Then there is a socalled: " Nose Action Robot " from Russia... WITH !! original box ! :)
Estrela contributed with: ROBO ... take a good look at this one... rare with a big R !!
I also found a near mint dino robot again with the rare Japanese box !
further from horikawa... New Fighting Robot...with some damage to the front litho panel but.. with original box.. still a beauty ! 
Than I added a near mint Yonezawa - Directional Robot, very nice example.


29th of July 2016

Well, I am kinda proud to announce the very FIRST:  VST - DO IT YOURSELF ( DIY ) Robot !! : Roboter 703-D
This DIY kit contains all the information and parts to build your very own Roboter 703-D.
You can find all the information here on my website ! :)

Have a great weekend


27th of July 2016

Well, its not ThAT often that i buy a robot back that i sold years ago but for this one i wanted to make an exception..Back in the Caves... Flower Robot ! :) with original box, check it out ! 
From Taiyo Tekken.. The famous TV Space Patrol Car... first time I ever had this in my collection.. impressive car ! Seldom seen..
More to come...

25th of July 2016

Cobot was made in 1977, in the middle of Star Wars Crazyness.... A perfect fusion of Robots, Starwars and Coca Cola ! :)
Made in Korea... RARE Robot ! ;)

22th of July 2016

I found again a fantastic boxed door robot from alps... added to today to my website

Have a great weekend

21th of July 2016

From China this time... MF 878.... Rare toy with box !
From Japan: first version near mint television spaceman ! wow !
From the gang of five: lavender non stop robot
From Chezoslovakia : Kozmicke Vozidlo

more to add....

18th of July 2016

A rare space tank from India ( VTI ) was added to the website today. Further 2 futiristic spacecars from Alps: Fire Bird III in 2 color variations. both near mint examples. 
More to come....

12th of July 2016

Attacking Martian with Lighted eyes with the original box is one you dont see to often in the open market.
absolute near mint robot with excellent box.
More to come....


11th of July 2016

A rare "" version of mechanized robby robot, made by Osaka Tin Toy Institute was added today.
I also added the rarest robot that can be found on the horikawa platform: Super Mars king with original japanese box !

8th of July 2016

A rare and scarce Doctor Moon Robot from Daiya with original box was added to the website today.
Further I added an all original Bullmark - Ultraman in excellent working condition.
From ATD a very scarce and seldom seen spacetoy: Space Challenger !    check out the artwork on the box.. amazing !!
Also a prototype / sample Super Robot was added. Made by Mr. Shinji Miyazawa. Unique configuration, one of a kind robot.

I will add some more toys and robots today...


6th of July 2016

I finally have found some time again to add toys to the website. I will add more this week.
First one added is a rare space car SX-10 From Modern toys with original box !

More to come soooooon !

30th of June 2016

I added a rare grey color New Space Explorer to my website today. More to come

27th of June 2016

Well, over the past weeks,  my latest project, Roboter 703-D kept me busy... a LOT :) Today it was finally time to release the robot on my website... Its here.. 3D printed in the Netherlands: Roboter 703-D ! with a real clockwork mechanism, walking action, swinging arms and blinking eyes. Limited to 50 examples with smashing custom made boxart by Nop Mercx.

9th of June 2016

I know, It has been a while since the last update... Roboter 703-D kept me busy for quite some time... Time for new toys now.
I added a near mint to mint Nomura - Space Patrol Car.... you can NOT find a nicer example of this awesome car... promise ! :)

There is also an update on the Roboter 703-D Project ! with a cool video of the robots first steps :) !!

More to come


29th of May 2016

All the updates about the custom made 3D printed Robots can be found here in my website but also in my facebookgroup.
You will find there the latest news about Roboter 703-D, Gosstavo, Little Giant and many other new creations.
The info can be exclusively found in facebook and here on my website.

You can find the facebookgroup by typing: vintagespacetoys     

More to come

20th of May 2016

From Hongkong.. a never seen Ray O matic X-2 Space Ship... RAY Guided :)
Complete with original box... 
Further I found an absolute beautifull Planet Explorer from Alps with original box.  Seldom seen combination.

17th of May 2016

I found a near mint Rendez Vous 7.8 with ditto original box in Spain last week.( yes SPAIN :)
NO upgrade needed on this one... !
More to come..


14th of May 2016

Gosstavo Classic and Harlequin Robot... AVAILABLE NOW !! :)


4th of May 2016

3 nice toys were added today to my website: A very nice Daiya Ranger Robot and a rare M-Star Trade Mark - Mechanical Space Kiddy SeeSaw... very cool toy, rare ! Also an excellent astro 8 flying saucer with original box was added to my website.

More to come....

25th of April 2016

I worked this weekend a bit to restore a rare spacetank... Modern Toys - X-7 popping space tank.. one you dont see that often in the open market, a rare and scarce spacetoy for sure.. i had it once before many years ago. 

Further I added the first prototype I made for Roboter 703-D... If you are interested, plz read the full story. The prototype is not for sale by the way :)
Also a fully working, complete and original roto robot from Horikawa and a near mint all original DOOR robot from Alps were added today

More to come soon

23th of April 2016

The first version of Yonezawa`s Space Car is seldom seen with its original box.. I found a fantastic example, fully functional with original box that i added today to my website.
I also added a talking robot in near mint unplayed with condition with original box and an ultra rare space tank from china.. ( salesman sample ! )
Further a Scarce Space Elephant from Yoshiya was added to my website today and Jalisco Star Strider in Red.

More to come...


19th of April 2016

Talking about "Harlequins"  for some days now... well....Linemar`s Golden Robot contributed on that one...
Added him today to my website. Found the robot last year in Italy ( Pisa ) in an antique store.
And again I found a Tuliphead X-70 Robot with original box in excellent and perfectly working condition.

More to come

18th of April 2016

Some final changes were made to the Gosstavo "Harlequin" version. This will be the final product.  the total robot is in harmony now. The grey body has been changed to a black / White body to make the robot complete.

I also added a Nomura Mechanized Robby robot with original box.. FIRST version with the round knobs ! Check it out !!  


15th of April 2016

I added again a wonderfull Nomura - Mechanized Robby Robot to my website. With original box.  Fantastic example that works like new.
also an excellent to near mint conehead robot with orignal ears and tip with a professional handmade reproductionbox was added.

More to come

13th of April 2016

Project little giant robot has been completed... The box is ready and ... WOW.... Thanks Marcy for making this robot complete !
Awesome artwork for the box !  Only 4 available...

More to come...

9th of April 2016

Its OFFICIAL now !!  Gosstavo robot will be available soon in TWO versions:  

*** Gosstavo Robot "Classic"      @ 275 USD    Limited to 25 pieces
*** Gosstavo Robot "Harlequin"  @ 295 USD    Limited to 25 pieces

You can PRE-ORDER them NOW !!

7th of April 2016

Well, again a lot of new toys arrived in the Dutch Caves but i was busy with a new project.. Gosstavo... so I did not had the time to list them yet..
Will do this weekend. Also the pre - order of Gosstavo Robot will start than ... More info SOON !


27th of March 2016

Eastern is a perfect day to picture new toys and add them to the website :-) first one added is a scarce boxed TPS Moon Patrol XT-978 in rare purple color... never seen this colorvariation before... 
Further I added THE most wanted robot of the Horikawa Family... Space Commander with original box !!  
From Daiya... Laser 008 Robot in near mint condition WITH original box !! and a very nice bandai / sears - area radiation tester !

More to come... 

21th of March 2016

Well ok... spring is here and I just got back from a week of ski in austria :)
Back to work now... this week a fantastic toy arrived in the dutch caves: Prince planet from Yanoman... check it out... more to come !


4th of March 2016

Today I continued added new robots to the website. 
First one is a near mint colonel hap hazard with original box, antenna and all the inserts..

2th of March 2016

Ok, today i finally made some time to add new toys to my website. first one added is a near mint and boxed Nomura Planet Y Space Station. Always liked the artwork on the box... Further I added:
* Waco Hysterical Happy Harry in perfect working conditon.
* Ultra rare and Scarce Yonezawa - Moon Rocket X-12 in METALLIC BLUE !! 
* Changeman Robot with custom made 3D printed Dino Head + Custom made box.
* From South Korea !! ( yes they made robots there as well ! :)  ROBOT   Check it out, RARE one !
* X-70 Tuliphead Prototype.
* asahitoy - Round race No.1 Jet Rocket

More to come.... 

26th of February 2016

I have added a very nice silver boxed attacking Martian to my website today together with a beautifull concept car from Argentina.

23th of February 2016

Attacking Martians with original box become more and more scarce... I added a brown one today that i found in Italy in 2013 in Rome.. I still remember the insane collection of Horikawa robots there... will never forget that view... This one was part of that collection.. more to come.. 


22th of February 2016

Tadaaaa...... Its here, Worlds FIRST !! fully 3D printed VINTAGE robot.... VST / TOMY - Giant Robot at 35 % of its original size... 
You really have to check this one out.. its soooo cool and... only 10 will be ever made !!!
further i added a near mint lavender with ditto box... unplayed with... fantastic example, best i have EVER seen !!

More to come.. Marco

15th of February 2016

Did you know that SY mechanical robot with spark, yes the one you always see in grey or green was also made in RED ! ?  ( no not in pink but in red ! :)  check it out.... ultra rare colorvariation of this robot.

10st of February 2016

Batcedes is a project car you dont see to often in the market :-)  number 2 I build last month... check it out... 
I also added a rare first version of Space TV Unit from Nomura... check it out, what a fantastic toy and colors...
More to come sooooon !



22th of January 2016

Well,  2016 started really busy again... and the first holy grail of this year crossed my path...
Exelo Mars Explorer WITH original box ! ... you really have to check this one out..... the artwork on the box is AMAZING !!

More to come



14th of January 2016

Well.. a little late perhaps but i wish everybody a happy new year and a lot of new robots and spacetoys for 2016
have been quite busy the past weeks, the results will be here on my website soooon ! :)
I found a very nice batmobile in sweden some weeks ago... a fresh start for 2016 ..


31th of December 2015

First i want to thank all my costumers for their input, time and support in the past year. It was a fantastic year to collect robots and spacetoys and many new toys crossed my path and many found a way to a new collection. Before I wish everybody a good, healthy and fantastic 2016 with a lot of new robots and spacetoys, i took the time to add the final toy of the year.. a fantastic saucer from TPS, made in Japan: Apollo Space Patrol X-7... Take a good look at the fantastic artwork on the box.... firework from the sixties !!

Happy New Year !!!


28th of December 2015

I just came back from France ( Paris ) to pick up a real treasure.... Yanoman - Rendez Vous 7.8 in unplayed with condition with original box and all the inserts.... wow !! More to come...

25th of Decenber 2015

Merry Christmas everybody !! 


14th of December 2015

Made in the british colony of HongKong... Lunar Spaceman.. take a good look at the robot and the box....rare !!!! :-)

7th of December 2015

I did not dare to bring this gun with me on the flight back from Milano but the seller was so kind to sent it to me afterwards.
Rare and scarce space gun, made in china.. with fantastic action !  unplayed with in original box..

2st of December 2015

Well, just got back from a trip to Milano where i visited some friends and joined them to the toyshow in Novegro. 
Found some very nice toys there again and i just added the first one i found there: Door robot with original box ! 
I also found a near mint to mint Mars Rocket with original box.. absolute scarce combination.. the rocket WITH the box !
Futher I added a perfectly working and excellent original Nomura tetsujin No. 3   even with the original pricetag still attached at: 50 JPY :)
From Amico 2 robots this time: Walking Space Robot ( scarce variation with box ) and a very nice answer game machine from Ichida with original box.

More to come...


25th of November 2015

How cool it is to bring a robot from a single picture alive.... Nomura / VST - Tuliphead Prototype....

17th of November 2015

A red variation of Horikawa`s Swivel - O - Matic Astronaut  with original box... rare robot !!!
Further i added Nomura`s Tetsujin 28 No. 2 with original box.
More to come soon

16th of November 2015

Have you EVER seen a prototype of rusher robot with handpainted details ! ? ... well its here... Fantastic handpainted work on this prototype.. comes directly from Shinji`s  Miyazawa workshop ...
Also a near mint Tuliphead robot with ditto box, Mr Robot the Mechanical Brain with box, and SH Bullmark - Kamen Rider were to the website.
Than... 3 Space Doom Robots... in fantastic colors, limited editions... High end Metal house robots... and 2 variations of Horikawa`s Smoking Space Capsules...Further an orange variation of smoking robot with box and a stunning handmade and handpainted flying saucer prototype....

More to come...

12th of November 2015

Well... it has been done... Changeman finally has the box the robot so badly needed... Read all about it.
Also a rare radio controlled robot from Korea !    check it out.. coooool robot


10th of November 2015

I found 5 prototypes of Universal Studios Monsters in Japan... Man oh Man.. the work that was put into these prototypes is really amazing... All handmade and handpainted.... and they look MUCH better than the final toys ..... Again a wonderfull piece of Robot and Tintoy Making History !... they are all there.. Dracula, Creature, Frankenstein, Mummy and Wolfman.. Take a close look to the handpainted parts and the heads.. amazing !

6th of November 2015

Asakusa Thunder Robot with original antenna... a robot that always has something magical..

3th of November 2015

Nomura`s Pug Robby Robot in gold with black feet, straight ears and original box is a seldom seen combination. also a boxed razer spaceman in perfect condition is one you dont see to often around ;)

30th of October 2015

I completed the building of Mazinger - Z Robot today... build out of an 8thman...

21th of October 2015

Well... first of course this is a LEGENDARY date !! Exactly at THIS day, Marty McFly entered.. .the FUTURE !!
Things all look a bit different than in the movie though.... :)

What be brought back from the sixties to the future today is a GIANT Sonic Train Robot, made by Modern Toys along with a gear robot from Horikawa, yes the one with the button on his head with 2 Speed Action !
More to come

19th of October 2015

A fantastic New Fighting Robot with original box crossed my path.. the hardest one to find in this series with stunning artwork on the box... wont get any better than this :)... 
I found some original boxes (toplid) for Yonezawa`s Smoking Robot ( 80`s issue )  So if you have an unboxed original smoking robot than this is your change to complete it with an original Yonezwa box !

9th of October 2015

A robot that runs on STEAM ! ? :-).... well check out Strenco ST-2 Dampfmachinenroboter..... ( Not made by VW by the way so you dont have to worry about the emission :-) 


30th of September 2015

Not from Italy this time but straight from SWISS :-) Ultra rare and scarce boxed Moon Explorer X-5 !!  check it out !
I also found a boxed astroboy from Bandai, take a look at the artwork of the box, amazing !!  Rare and Scarce toy !
More to come soon....

23th of September 2015

Radicon Space Pathfinder in near mint condition, unplayed with and original box.... you dont see these THAT often :-)
further I added one of my own creations: VST - Engine X-Ray Robot X-83

More to come....

18th of September 2015

Its not ALWAYS Italy that bring the treasures... I found a boxed near mint satellite fleet overhere in the Netherlands.. Fantastic spacetoy with ditto artwork on the box.


16th of September 2015

Again in ITlaly..... I found this rare Ape Man with original box, Plastic Fantastic !! :) Further a fantastic example of Moon Robot aka Ribbonhead was added            More to come

7th of September 2015

Mr Lem, made by Cragstan is a touch to find one... Fantastic "ugly" Robot :) !


4th of September 2015

Again I
 located a very nice light blue example of the famous Robby Space Patrol by Nomura. No box for this one. in excellent and full working condition.

2st of September 2015

I finally located a very nice Porthole Robot ( lineman Spaceman )
Hard to find... fantastic example, works fine and 100 % complete and original robot. Also added a Yonezawa Space Explorer ( with button on its head ) and original box.  
Further an ultra scarce combination in the form of Conehead Robot WITH..... original box !!!


24th of August 2015

Well... every year vacation is putting a gap in this blog :-)..Ready for action again. I had to sort out a LOT of new inventory and the first one pictures is an amazing Hong Kong - See Thru Robot... never been taken out of the box, never been played with... Near mint... comes with AWESOME artwork at the back of the box... wow !!
Further a boxed Taiyo Wheel a Gear with original JAPANESE box !!!!!    More.. MUCH more to come ! :)


20th of July 2015

Metal house`s Space Doom Robot was made in some limited colorvariations and in very small numbers
Today I added the beautifull grey / red one... a fantastic robot, Space Doom Robot.
I also added the rare black / purple variation of Space Doom Robot. Further 2 salesman samples / prototypes from Osaka Tin Toy Institute - Tetsujin 28 No 5. and a production one.

Also number 3/4 of Daiya / VST / SH - Astronaut in Green with original box. 
A rare Fly Eye Mr Hustler was also added today.

10th of July 2015

The patterned variation of Sonicon Rocket is one you dont see to often... allthough the box is original but not the correct one.... its a fantastic Rocket in its full glory...

Have a great weekend


9th of July 2015

Again 2 rare robots are added to this website.
First one is a light grey Tetsujin with box from Osaka Tin Toy.  Also a handpainted prototype of Santa Claus was added today.
Fantastic cool and unique robot.... check it out !
From CHR in  France a  very rare SOUCOUPE... ( Flying Saucer ) XX-61 and directly from my workshop: VST / Daiya - Robot Roadster 8 ! :)
I also located a near mint boxed Alps Rocketman in Space Armor again.  complete with original box, inserts, remote, wire, rockets and antenna... It wont get much better than this :) !


8th of July 2015

The rarest "pug Robby" Piston Action Robot made by Nomura was added to the website today.  Rare example in GOLD with straight antennas., complete, all original and in working condition. Further I added a near mint Explorer from Modern toys and a very nice Bandai - Space Patrol Car. A Nomura Radar Robot with red face !! was found after many years on an attic by the first owner... a very nice example with original box.

More to come


24th of June 2015

finally i found a PERFECT blink a gear robot from Taiyo.... no box but a PERFECT example... 
I also added again a near mint boxed tuliphead from Nomura and a remote controlled astroboy from Bandai / SKK with original box.. you REALLY have to check that one out ! amazing toy and boxart !!

More to come soon

15th of June 2015

Super Sonic Space Giant is a flying saucer that is not often seen and with the original box extremely hard to find.
I found this example last year in Italy ( Milano)  Fantastic all original and complete working example with original box.

More to come soon

10th of June 2015

Yonezawa`s Rocket Launching Pad in complete condition is one you dont see to often in the open market.. never had it in my collection
what a wonderfull ( and dangerous ) toy... with rockets, satellites and sparks !!  beautifully litho and artwork on the box...
Further i added a near mint and perfectly working Daiya - Astro Racer...

More to come soon

8th of june 2015

Last friday i went to The Hague ( Netherlands ) where i met the wife of Mr Ben Jacobs and his son. Ben passed away some years ago and was a socalled silent collector of all kind of stuff but mostly robots and spacetoys. Its really a pitty i never met him in person. I am sure we could have talked about the hobby for days, weeks, even months..... His passion were robots and spacetoys.    Now years later his wife and son decided to let go most of the toys and I went up there for some socalled robot diving at the attic... man oh was HOT that day, very hot, over 34 degrees and i lost quite some sweat up there... the attic.. amazing.. filled no FILLED with toys, boxes, trains, cars, dolls, robots and spacetoys, really TO much to mention... I had to make a selection because it was simply to much for me to handle in one time.
It would fill my workshop till the roof if i brought it all with me at once... We talked about the hobby and nice stories from the past, a cup of thee and after that I went up for a dive... I will show some pictures of the attic later but i have to ask first if its ok to show them.

I really found dome nice toys to complete my collection, robots and spacetoys i missed. furhter many robots to repair and to trade...
One very nice spactoy i found was an Outer Space Patrol with original box.. very cool toy !

More to come

5th of June 2015

I found some new old stock toys in Sweden a couple of months ago but they arrived here last week.
First one I added is an awesome Planet Tank, new unplayed with, mint in box.. !
I also added an unplayed with Super Moon Patroler from Junior toys.

More to come

1th of June 2015

Last week i finished my second Radar Master Robot. An unique robot of which only 3 will be build.  Number 2 is up for sale now. You can read all about this robot and there is also a short movie of the robot in action.  But there is more... what to think about a working prototype of RC Giant Robot, made by Mr Shinji Miyazawa himself !   Unique !!
Further I added the second green Daiya Astronaut, this time with a boys head.

More to come ....


20th of May 2015

Star Wars 7 is comming in December this year and this brings the tin toys back alive... I was able to lay my hands on the original drawings and prototypes of Osaka Tin Toy Institute some months ago.  First prototype is a StormTrooper..... you really have to check it out...its historical Robot History !....

Furhter I found a fantastic working Tuliphead X-70 Robot again. Excellent to near mint condition, no box...

More to come !


9th of May 2015

After some weeks of work I finished my latest project: Daiya - Astronaut in GREEN ! Further I added a rare X-80 Planet Explorer from Raja Toys Inc. made in India !


1st of May 2015

One of the most searched for character toys was added to the website today: Flying Astroboy from Bandai / SKK WITH original box !!

Have a great weekend


28th of April 2015

2 Yonezawa Robots were added today: Ribbon Head Robot ( Mechanical Moon Robot ) with original box and a great BLUE Mr. Atomic that I located in India some time ago. 

More to come

21th of April 2015

A1 Space Patrol from Asakusa is one you dont see to often landing in your backyard :)  Man oh Man what Artist was responsible for creating this one... WOW !!

17th of April 2015

I found a near mint Waco Refuel Station complete with both the original rocket and spacepod.  The toy is near mint, flawless and besides the replaced antenna...  you can not go wrong with this example... 


10th of April 2015

A near mint boxed Space Robot X-70 aka Tuliphead Robot was added to the website today. A fantastic example of this hard to find robot with original box.

7th of April 2015

Mr Zerox with golden feet is one you dont see to often with original Telsada box. Further A near mint in ditto box, Thunder Robot from Asakusa with original antenna and box inserts.

1th of April 2015

Nomura - Radar Robot with original box with red face is a scarce robot. Found it in Rome last year, perfect working robot, all original with ditto box ! Further I added a Nomura Tetsujin No.3 with original box.

More to come...


30th of March 2015

Back from a short wintersport vacation its time to get back to work and start to picture some rare toys again. I located an excellent Robby V-2 Space tank from KO Yoshiya WITH original box... Rare one for sure ! Further I found a  Kanto - Space Tank... I bet you have never seen this one before....with shooting balls action. cool !


19th of March 2015

A really impressive flying saucer landed in my workshop some time ago and I had finally the time to clean it and bring it back to life...
Modern Toys - Space Ship 1... I also found a very nice Marx - High Bouncer Moon Scout, perfectly working, a very nice example.
Further I added a robby the robot prototype made by Mr. Shinji Miyazawa.


11th of March 2015

after I completed Beetle Commander Robot X-54 in december, it was time for the second robot in this line: X-53 Boxer Robot...same same but different ! :)

Further... a rocket that landed in Den Bosch, a place close to me... ( guess i ran out of fuell :-)  Gunterman - Mondrakete.. you really have to take a look at the boxart... oh and the rocket is also a rare variation :)

More to come...


6th of March 2015

A near mint in box sonicon rocket was added to the website today and what to think about the rocket gumball machine, made in italy in the mid fifties....!!! 
And what to think about horikawa`s Lucky Ray Gun... have you EVER seen this BOX ! ? ( and the gun of course :)
Have a great weekend !!


26th of February 2015

On one of my latest hunts through Japan I found a couple of mint in the box astronauts in red and blue.  Made by Osaka Tin Toy Institute in 1992 / 1993   so imagine... these are almost 25 !! years old..... Time really flies....Limited stock in red and blue.

23th of February 2015

Again a prototype robot from Japan, this time an impressive 60 CM in hight, RC Mechanized Robby Robot in fantastic working 
condition, impressive piece of robot history !

19th of February 2015

I ran into a series of Mechanized Robby Robots Color Samples made by Osaka Tin Toy Company..
Amazing colors and combinations, all unique and most of them are one of a kind, never taken into production.
Color samples / prototypes.
I have about 15 of these, I will add a few every couple of days, enjoy, they are really really cool !
The first one I added is CRAZY !  Mechanized Robby the Robot in plated GOLD ! :-) 
I also added a second color sample, in matt blue ! 
More to come

13th of February 2015

Well.. .what will happen on Friday the 13th..... we will find out soon :) strange things happen on these days and that explains the Cragstan / Ichiko MIghty Dog Space car perhaps.. driven by .... a DOG ! ;)
rare and scarce toy... never saw it before...

More to come

10th of February 2015

I visited Italy again and this time the trip but more the robots brought me back to Rome ( what a great city )
I located some nice robots there, astronaut , ribbon head, mars king and.... a grey C-Cell Mechanized Robby Robot..... the Holy Robby Grail ! :)

More to come

30th of January 2015

I found an unplayed with Mars Explorer in grey with original box... what a fantastic robot this is...
i also added a near mint green New Space Capsule from Horikawa with original fantastic box, and a Mr. Robot ( aka Bell Robot ) from ATC with original box...
From China : ME - 791 Sparkling space car and last but not least: a rare prototype of a 2008 robot: Femisapien
a prototype in RED, what a lady.........

More to come

24th of January 2015

Beetle Commander Robot X-54 was added to the websites Database. Custom made robot with awesome looks and action.
Futher I found the three from South Korea.... 3 similar robots, made in that country. The robots name is.... ROBOT... simply because i was not able to find out the robots real name :)
Further I added a Yonezawa - Space Explorer with original box, old stock.. works like NEW ! :)


20th of January 2015

Have you ever seen Yonezawa`s Talking Robot with original Japanese Box ! :-) ?  Rare and scarce combination, added to my website today !
I also added an unknown variation of Nomura`s Moon Car !!  This one has NO driver, different litho, different batterybox and... Chrome bumpers at the back :) 
Than I added a near mint to mint OTTI - Tetsujin No.2    Number 316 of 550   amazingly remake of this legendary robot !
Also I added a rare red mars explorer from Horikawa... a robot with a history...

More to come

19th of January 2015

I found a mint in box, never been played with X-Ray Gun from Nomura... Now I am not such a big fan of Space guns but this one... wow !!
The toy is amazing, and the artwork on the box.... out of this planet.... and in this minty condition... a must have for every robot and spacetoy collection... !

16th of January 2015

ATC - Florida Air Boat and a prototype robot, designed by Mr Uzawa were added to the website today.
The prototype robot is called: Missile Space Attacker Robot... 

15th of January 2015

Robot Radar Tractor X-9 was completed after 2 years of "puzzeling" what to do with the parts of 2 ultra rare and scarce spacetoys.

9th of January 2015

Suprisingly the newest addition was found overhere in the Netherlands.. and yes, its a rare one ;) Nomura - Scouting Rocket X-20
Rare and scarce rocket... fantastic colors and shape ! check it out :) 
Further I added a Horikawa medallion Robot with rare japanese box, fantastic condition robot !
Have a great weekend


8th of January 2015

Again an ultra rare robot that was added today to my website: Razer Spaceman with original Box. !
More robots will be added this week


5th of January 2015

First of all... HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody !
I started this year with a new project i was able to finish today: VST - Radar Master Robot.
only 2 of these will be made, an unique project and a great robot :)

30th of December 2014

I located a rare space ship in Italy again: made by Tada- Space Ship X-8
Fantastic to, complete and with original box.

More to come

25th of December 2014

I wish everybody a merry christmas and a happy new year !!!


19th of December 2014

I listed a blue space station today, made by Horikawa. With original bottom, the toplid of the box is missing.
The toy is complete and all original with 5 perfect windows, excellent to near mint condition and works fine.

12th of December 2014

About a year ago i found a handmade and handpainted prototype of Yoshiya`s Spacemobile X-15. A year later i was able to complete this toy with its original green astronaut. It completes this toy, take a look at it... its WAY better than the final product ! :)

10th of December 2014

After a VERY short night ( i went to the Hobbit Marathon last night, part 1, 2 and the premiere of part 3 :) it had to get up early because there is enough to do in my workshop.  I added a very scarce flying saucer, TPS- Space Explorer X-705. One you dont see too often in the open market. 

9th of December 2014

From Italy: Pinocchio Atomico with original box. What a crazy design and awesome artwork on the box. !
I also found 2 Horikawa Space Stations in Rome, one in red and a blue one.
The red one comes with its original box as well.
More to come


4th of December 2014

Its hard to believe that 2014 is almost over, just a couple of days to go... wow.
I added a very nice robot again, secret weapon space scout, near mint unplayed with robot in original box.
I also added an unplayed with moon explorer rocket with original box.


28th of November 2014

An ultra rare and scarce astronaut: X-27 Explorer  made by Yonezawa.
I only saw the reproduction over the years, now I could compare it to an original one... wow !!
Further I added a rare chinese rocket that sold the minute it hit my website ( sorry for that :)
from Kanto / Sankei... Exploration train, one you really have to check out ! what a great toy, fantastic artwork on the box !

More to come


25th of November 2014

ATC - Space Patrol with ONE astronaut ! :) was added to the website today. Rare toy and box !
Further I have added a near mint rocketman in armor with original box, original antenna AND rockets as well !!  Really a beauty !
Atomic Rubic Man, VST project 1018 was also added and i made a litlle video so you can see it in action as well.


12th of November 2014

Today with the sun still shining overhere in Holland, I finally had the time again to picture some of my new finds.
Started the day with a mint in near mint box, old stock Space Guard MS-61... No need to upgrade this one ever ! cool toy.
Further I added number 647 of Osaka Tin Toys Institute: Robby The Robot... a special one... if you like prototype and special editions than 
this might be one for you to add to you collection :) ! 

5th of November 2014

I found a near mint space surveyor X-12 in Original box. A rare saucer in any condition... this combination is hard to beat !
more to come...


30th of October 2014

Again I bumped into a rare toy: Alps - Firebird 1     what a great hobby we have ! :)
every day is a surprise :) I also added a mint unplayed with Capsule 7 from modern toys with original box.


28th of October 2014

Time to work again.. just back from vacation and again a lot of new robots, plans and ideas...
Yesterday Martijn completed the second BiG MAX 2.0   you really have to check this one out ! 
i also added a rare chinese blue spacetank mint in ditto box !

15th of October 2014

I located a fantastic Lavender Robot again, this time with its original box. Further I added one of the BEST spacetanks that was ever made...
Commander Tank from Bandai... able to fire projectiles and eject the empty casings ... ultra cool !!

14th of October 2014

I added 2 fantastic robots again to the website. First version Mechanized Robby Robot by Nomura and Tuliphead. both with original box. excellent robots and boxes....

7th of October 2014

Osaka Tin Toy Institute.... Astro Boy, battery operated with the original drawings and blueprints.... 
a very special and one of a kind robot !! :-) I also added a near mint example of the famous and extremly hard to find Robot Car X-9 from Modern Toys... I have never seen such a nice example of this toy !!. 

More to come soon...

6th of October 2014.

We had a great robot meeting weekend again.. Red Robot Day 2014 at the collect - hit in Brussels ( Belgium ) If you want to see some pictures of this event, you can contact me via facebook ( search for: Marco van Gimst ) make friends with me and I will add you to THE robot group :-)

I added an other prototype / colorsample robot today, you really have to take a good look at it as it is so cool ! :)

More to come

2st of October 2014

I added the last ranger robot that was left from my australian connection today.  Near mint robot in original box.
A beautifull example of Daiya`s Ranger Robot. Further I added an awesome prototype robot designed by Mr Uzawa.
The robot is called Screaming Battle Robot.   You really have to check it out... awesome design and craftmanship...
Further I added a prototype of Yonezawa: Talking Robot
More to come.....

30th of September 2014

I found a very nice and complete Lunar Explorer from Alps in Belgium. In great and fully working condition.. the box is missing but the toy is really a beauty ! Same for Robby Space Patrol X-15 Flying saucer..... although there is no box, the saucer is near mint and comes with the original dish to catch the floating sattelite. 

26th of September 2014

Together with a lot of rare robots and prototypes I also found boxes full with original drawings of many robots. It took me some serious time to sort it all out but my patience was rewarded. I did not only found interesting drawings and blueprints of excisting robot but also the original drawings and blueprints of prototypes... amazing !!
Marumiya`s Armored Protector Man is a prototype that comes with the original drawings.... it wont get any better !! :)

Further I added: Epoch`s Space Ship... you really have to check this one out.... wonderfull spacetoy !!
and last but not least.. I added a fourth prototype example of Marumiya`s Changeman that i completed to build up today after some weeks of hard work and thinking :)...
Have a great weekend !

24th of September 2014

Yone did not produce so many robot but The Robot Captain is a nice example of their skills. I found a handpainted prototype some time agoo, awesome robot, great look and face...

23th of September 2014.

Ok I know, it has been a while since the last update. I have found again some interesting robots and information about them but it all takes some time to sort things out. 
I added a modern toys friendship #7 today in excellent to near mint condition. Found it in Italy last month in an old toyshop / antique shop

More to come soooon !

12th of September 2014

I added the story and pictures of a spectaculair robot again today: the forerunner of Changeman, an awesome prototype robot made by Marumiya.  Further I have added an ultra cool Prototype of Jeeg Robot and this one is...... tadaaaa.. Batteryoperated ! :)

11th of September 2014

It took me some time to figure out how this prototype of Changeman was intended to build up. the result however is really spectaculair !! Marumiya - ChangeMan Explorer Robot     why oh why was this robot never taken into production !! ......

2th of September 2014

Again I found a near mint to mint Yonezawa Moon Explorer M-27 in working condition, complete and with original box. 
One of my favorite toys for sure...and this example... no upgrade ever needed on this one ! :-)
Futher i found an XM-12 Space rocket with original box... unplayed with example.. awesome ! :)


29th of August 2014

Well... my absence of the past week had a reason..... I found some really interesting stuff in Japan that is not only important for collectors now but also for the next generation.... MUCH more info will follow later. Today I finished the story about: CHANGEMAN...
if you want to know all the ins and outs.... search for Changeman on this website and enjoy the story .....

Further I added the first prototype of changeman that is complete and working...Changeman with a tube head !


21th of August 2014

I found a near mint to mint Batmobile in the Netherlands. Made by ASC in Japan... Very nice example of this hard to find car....

15th of August 2014

Just before I went for vacation I came into contact with a robot and spacetoy collector overhere in Holland who offered me a very nice Waco Space Refuell Station. After a visit there I met him and his wife, we had coffee with chocolate beans and we talked about Robots for hours, we talked about Henk Gosses and at the end I went home with some wonderfull robots and spacetoys.   I pictured a few of them and you will love them... what to think of a marusan universal rocket with box... a Man on Moon, Waco Space Refuell Station with original box and a mint in box astro racer from Daiya....much more is to come.... What a great hobby we have :) !


12th of August 2014

The good news comes from Italy again, Torino this time where some very nice robots and spacetoys were found. I added the first one today after inspecting and some quick dustcleaning :)  Normuar - Robby Space Patrol, all original with original box: MINT !
I also brought back home a near mint rocketman in space armor with original box !!
Things will not get much better than this :)

7th of august 2014

I added a very nice tremendous Mike robot today. in very good condition, perfectly working. One of my personal favorite robots for sure !
More to come



17th of July 2014

Just got back from Milano Italy with treasure seldom seen before.... A MINT blue Yonezawa Smoking Robot in original rare box.
Enjoy the pictures and if you want to see the robot in action, here is a short video as well:

10th of July 2014,

"dammit"  ( this would be exactly Jack Bauers ( 24 ) quote about the lost semi final of the dutch footballteam yesterday..)
I felt exactly like this but life goes on and thank god... there is more than football on this planet :) Now Germany has to beat Argentina for us... Good luck :) !

In the meantime I picked up bussiness as usual and started to picture some new items for my website again. Today I added a boxed chief robotman, a boxed grey attacking martian and an ultra rare and scarce Moon Explorer X-5 in  cream, grey and silver.. wonderfull colorscheme... Further I added a rare "yellow switch" Nomura Batman in excellent condition and an awesome prototype made by PapaSan in 2005 of Superman... you really have to check this one out !!  

More to come..


9th of July 2014

Well... clock is ticking for the dutch football team.. tonight the 1/2 final against Argentina... will be thrilling for sure !!
In the meantime I started to picture some new finds again and i started with a blast !... Alps rocketman in space armor... UNPLAYED with robot with original antenna AND rockets !!!! it will not get better than this !!.

4th of July 2014

Well... today is the day that I could move back to my workshop after a short renovation of my workshops floor.
Took about 3 weeks and that is a long time when you have loads of work todo :-)
I found an excellent to near mint Tuliphead robot last week ( with reproductionbox ) in australia.
I also found, when I cleaned up my workshop, a near mint Alps television spaceman ! no box but the toy is.... AWESOME !
Near mint. no upgrade needed on this one !!



1th of July 2014

W-3 by Tada was added to my website today. Made in Japan in the late sixties. This rare character toy is hardly seen in the open market. I will add more robots and spacetoys soon....

26th of June 2014

It really had to happen sooner or later but VintageSpaceToys is also active on FACEBOOK ! :)
I created a page there to share our hobby, talk about robots, spacetoys, new finds, repairs, problems, variations and much more...
Feel free to visit my Facebook page at:

Or go to facebook and search for:  vintagespacetoys

Like it, and share your collection, robots and questions with your Robot collectorfriend all over the world....
See you there :-)

18th of June 2014

A rare variation in the popular Horikawa robot series: Fighting Robot in brown with golden eyes, complete with original box.

17th of June 2014

Busy again for days now. I had to move all my robots out of my workshop for 3 weeks because of a little renovation of the workshops floor. Good to have all the robots in hand again and with the dutch soccorteam playing well the first match to Spain ( 5-1, wow ! :)
I got finally the time to place some new items on my website again. First robot I added is Flashy Jim with original box !!.... 
Second one I added today is a rarity... Bullmark - Moonlight Man with original box... Battery Operated Version !! 
More to come soon

5th of June 2014

Today I added a near mint all original and complete Asakusa Thunder Robot. a fantastic example of this hard to find robot. I also found a near mint Godzilla... I know, its not really a robot but its an impressive Japanese Tin toy, made in 1971 by Bullmark in Japan. Check it out, Godzilla is cool and smokes as well ! Further I added the rarest nomura pug robby in the series: in blue with maroon legs and straight antennas.

More to come

30th of May 2014

A very nice boxed robot from Argentina, Puky EL GRAN ROBOT with original box. Also a near mint and complete Radar Robot from Horikawa with original box AND the always missing original antenna.

Have a great weekend !!


27th of May 2014

Weightlessness...i dont even know if this is a correct word in english but its on the box of Space Surveyor X-12 ( modern toys ) I added today to my website. A rare and scarce flying saucer with original box !!

20th of May 2014

I can not remember I ever had a Horikawa Space Station in this excellent to near mint condition. Perfectly working, all 5 windows perfect and with original tower and antenna...I added it today to my website.


16th of May 2014

Today I added 2 fantastic pieces again: an unplayed with, mint in box Mechanized Robby the Robot. Best one I ever had in hands.
Further I found a boxed flying saucer with space patrol WITH original box ! Never saw the box for this saucer and it comes with the original space patrol as well !

Summer is comming overhere in Holland... Have a great weekend


9th of May 2014

I finally found the time again to make some pictures of the many new toys that came in during the past weeks. I added a near mint boxed Thunder Robot from Asakusa, Ege Scooter Espacial and a space patrol X-15 Robby the Robot flying saucer...More to come

30th of April 2014

I added an excellent to near mint Yonezawa Moon Explorer M-27 today in original box.
Susie is still a popular Robot Girl :-) 4 of them are sold allready and I am working my ass out to complete them :)
I will add new toys and information next week. Its vacationtime overhere in Holland so besides Susie... there is also family 
that needs some attention :)


22th of April 2014

Well..... Finally she is here... SUSIE ROBETTE :-)   Susie is my latest and I think most complex and complicated project ever !
"codename" : VST 1017 - Susie Robette. Susie will be made in a LIMITED series of only 15 examples !!
Isnt she a dish ? ;-).................................

18th of April 2014

Just before the weekend apollo 11 moon rocket was added to the website. A rocket that is not showing up too often in the open market.
Next week I will finish my latest project ( VST 1017 ). Have a great weekend !!

15th of April 2014

The past 2 weeks were extremely busy to complete my latest project, VST 1017 project is comming to an end and I am working on the final details. I need about a week to complete the whole project but it will be worth waiting for :-) so more about this project later.
Today I added a Yonezawa Buzzer Robot with original box. an extremely rare and scarce robot. Further I added a near mint Mobile Space TV unit with trailer + original box... fantastic and all original condition !

4th of April 2014

Television Buzz Lightyear II   my latest creation has been finished this week and was ready to picture. I can not remember i ever saw a vintage robot with so many features as this one :) 
Further I added a rare flying saucer: Satellite X-11 which I found about 2 years ago in .... Hawaii :)

2th of April 2014

I made a lot of new pictures today, finished Buzz II and could just before dinner add a new robot to my website.
a very nice space commander... rare "sjiet "  :)  More to come tomorrow...


1th of April 2014

after beeing stuck in the snow for almost a week, its time to get back to work in my workshop. I am working on 3 projects at the same time, Television Buzz Lightyear II, Refining Mr Fusion, working on boxart, and a new project but more about that later, its ultra cool for sure.

Tomorrow I will add new robots and spactoys to the website, finally time again to picture new robots, more tomorrow.


21th of March 2014

I found a prototype of Yoshiya`s Spacemobile & Pilot which I added today to my website.
Handmade, handpainted... awesome prototype !!!


12th of March 2014

Straight from Italy again: Yonezawa Mechanical Moon Robot ( Aka : Ribbonhead Robby )
Near mint in ditto box. Further I added a robot from spain, Robot Shepard with original and awesome box and a very cool rocket from Yoshiya 
S.S.Space Rocket with original box.

7th of March 2014

Mr. Fusion is in Pre- Order Status now !
Limited Edition of only 10 pieces. This robot will bring you back to the past, the future and byond ! :)
VST 1014 !  Mr Fusion... Made in the Netherlands !

28th of February 2014

A lot of new robots and spacetoys entered my webshop this week and I finally got some time to picture some of them.
Electroman`s Smaller brother, Mego Man with grey head and original box has been added to the website.
Hard to upgrade example.. 

Further I added 4 really beautifull robots I found in Milano Italy Last year. Finally I had the change to picture them properly.
The Horikawa " Gang of Four" Attacking Martians in SIlver, Brown, Gold and Medallion !!
Than I added a Noguchi Mechanical Sparking Robot and an awesome Moon Explorer from Alps.
It wont get much better than this, have a great weekend !

20th of February 2014

A very nice spacetoy made in China. Space Helicopter. Awesome litho and artwork on the box.
Rare and scarce spacetoy !
I also added a near mint Lunar Expedition from Modern Toys with a ditto box. 
Best example I have seen in years.

Also available now: ROBOTS in a BOOK :) the collection of Rolf Fehlbaum. This book shows his collection in an awesome exhibition in a museum in Paris in 1999. Price of this book is 35 USD or 25 Euro ( Must have !! )



11th of February 2014

If you are in the market for adding some real robot history on your shelves than check out Giant Motor Robot, Made by Henk Gosses
Made in a limited productionrun of only 4 pieces... 

5th of February 2014

I found and bought a Sears Arctic Explorer Sled last year but it got lost in the mail. Surprisingly it showed up last week and I was happy. The toy is near mint with ditto box, complete and perfectly working !  What an absolute amazing toy and artwork on the box !
further I added an unplayed with near mint to mint Space Tank M-18 from Modern Toys.. High  end toy for sure !

4th of February 2014

Thunder Robots with original box does not show up too often anymore. I found a near mint thunder in ditto box last year in Napoli. Amazing example of this legendary robot, more to come !!


3th of February 2014

Cleaning up the workshop was the first work this morning. Red Robot Day Holland 2014 was a fact. It was a very good meeting with Robot collectors. 
After cleaning up and put all toys back in place, it was time to picture some robots again. First robot this month is Horikawa`s New Fighting Robot with original box. The robot comes from Australia where it was sold for charity...


31th of Janurary 2014

Every time I picture robots and spacetoys... I know know where to start first :) today I choose Robby on a Studebaker :-)
Cool car to enter the second month of the year.. good weekend !



29th of January 2014

Today, 2 big..ehhh BIG boxes with a part of a robot and spacetoy collection arrived at my workshop :) I bought a collection in Rome last year and the first parts showed up today :) Among them an ultra rare and scarce AIR CONTROL STATION, and a near mint boxed Robot Torpedo... what a great hobby :)

24th of January 2014

Usagiya Japan: Space Patrol....Near mint in ditto box. Rare and scarce spacetoy
Have a great weekend !


22th of January 2014

Some very rare Plastic Robots are comming up this week. I added an unplayed with Dynamic Warrior, made in HongKong Today.
scarce robot with original box.

14th of January 2014

I added a near mint X-80 Space Explorer from Modern Toys, WITH original box !
awesome artwork on the box that is always missing with these saucers !  Scarce combination !
More to come !


9th of January 2014

Last year in Pisa ( Italy ) I found 2 Waco Hook Robots in one shop. A darkblue and a lightblue Hook. I added the first one today. Will try to add the other one early next week or maybe even tomorrow.

6th of January 2014

Finally back to my workshop today and ready to add a LOT of new robots and spacetoys. Fist one of this year is an awesome Robot Bulldozer from KO Yoshiya. ! Rare Toy ...

1th of January 2014:


21th of December 2013

Winter is comming :)... The shortest day and longest night of the year. From now on daylight will gain strenght again and Spring is in sight :) ! Wonderfull day to add some new robots and spactoys to the site.  I started the morning with an awesome example of Nomura`s Musical Drummer robot with original drum in perfect working condition. Further I added a boxed topolino robot and an awesome T-28 Flying Saucer.

13th of December 2013

I found 3 flying saucers in Italy recently, made by yoshiya...the most wanted ones: The smoking flying saucer.
I added one to the index today. Also an excellent Haunted House in full working order.

12th of December 2013

This beautifull robot year comes to an end. It was a fantastic year and the hobby kept the best for last: ELECTROMAN !

I NEVER could have dreamed of this robot in my life but I found it in... OF COURSE !   Italy about a week ago... much to tell and its all explaind in the description.  IF You ever dreamed about the HOLY GRAIL in robot collecting that check it out.
There is not much byond this robot: Electroman in mint condition with original box !  ..............

I stil can\'t believe it ! :)

2th of December 2013

A hectic weekend for sure but more about that later.. first things first. Nomura Sky Patrol in near mint condition with excellent box.
I can not remember I saw a better example of this toy. Hard to find in this condition.
More to come.........


29th of November 2013

Well, just got back from a crazy trip through Italy again. Napoli, Bari and Pompeii were the cities to be this time allthough there were not many robots left in Pompeii :-)
Just before the weekend starts, I added a toy i found some weeks agoo allready in the US. The legendary Robby Road Construction Roller in near mint condition with excellent box.
What a fantastic toy !
Have a good weekend. The "goodies" from Italy will show up later :)

20th of November 2013

Not a robot or spacetoys this time but a real godzilla, made in Japan in the late sixties. Bullmark made this awesome toy, amazing artwork on the original box. near mint rare and scarce toy !
Further I have finally found a WORKING Nomura - Three Stage Rocket !! Near mint rocket with original box and FULLY working !! Rare SJIET ! 
I also found a near mint in box + inserts Yonezawa - Moon Explorer M-27 which is hard to ever upgrade. Really a beautifull complete and full working example.....


15th of November 2013

Bullmark - ULtraman Jack Long Leg version.... added today in the catagory: " Rare Sjiet " Robots :)
This impressive 42 CM battery operated character is impressive and extremely rare and scarce and is operated by 2 C-Cells :)
More to come


8th of November 2013

That not all toys can be mint in box, proves this new added LineMar Moon Car. The box is not much more than some remains but the box did its job well: protecting the toy :) 

6th of November 2013

I just landed from my visit to Pisa and Pisa is great: the weather is perfect, good food, nice people, The Pisa Tower, good wine and Nice Robots as well :) I found a mint in box Tremendous Mike Robot in a condition out of this planet, fantastic artwork.... a real italian treasure !
enjoy the pics and take a good look at the box, the artwork is amazing !


01th of November 2013

Old store stock Cragstan Space Robot Patrol, straight from Italy :) Hard to ever upgrade ! Also from Cragstan a near mint in original box Cragstan Great Astronaut and finally to start November, VST 1010: X-18 Robby Planet Destroyer. My latest project, you really have to check it out !


25th of October 2013

Finally, after more than a year my robots and spacetoys are back from the museum and believe it or not, I almost forgot what I put there for exhibition a year agoo, My god :) Time to unpack them all again, picture them and put them up on my website.
starting with a near mint, old stock Mechanized Robby Robot ( first version) with original box. 
I also added one of the most rare flying saucers as well: Yonezawa - Space Station X-2 !
and this is just the beginning of more to come :) !!


15th of October 2013

One of the best spacetoys ever made: Arctic Explorer Sled by Sears / Yonezawa.
unplayed with example with original box, wonderfull artwork that leaves ENOUGH to the imagination :)

11th of October 2013

Last week I was busy to complete my long term project: Giant Machine Man. I bought the robot 2 years agoo but the condition was very bad and I had to restore the whole robot. a longterm project but the result is amazing....Modern Toys - Giant Machine Man... the legend ! Enjoy the story and the pictures :)

1th of October 2013

Bullmark - Ultraman, yes the Battery Operated Version... with Original Box ! 
I also found in an old toyshop in Italy ( Milano ) a fantastic unplayed with Man in Space ( Alps ) the artwork of the box is not even from this planet, awesome !!
Further a collectors dream was added today: C-Cell Mechanized Robby Robot in near mint condtion with original box !
More.... to come :)......

28th of September 2013

I just got back from some robothunting in Milano. I found there a complete boxed/inserts/manual Radicon Robot. Awesome !!
There was much more which... i will list later :)
Have a great weekend



23th of September 2013

Just back from Italy with a load of new rare toys. I started the day with Nomura Moon Car, a rare variation without driver !! Check it out !
Further I added an almost perfect Door Robot.... The best i have ever seen in years !. and last one for today is Yusei Kamen from Nomura.. and YES, its the BATTERY OPERATED version ! :) 

10th of September 2013

I have owned serveral Mr Atomics. I found one recently in Japan with original box and inserts... 
Near mint robot in excellent box ! 

30th Of august 2013

VST 1005  Robin Flying Spacepatrol is finally ready and added to the website.
Ultra cool flying car, you really have to take a look :)

26th of august 2013

I worked for almost 2 weeks on a new project of which I will add information and pictures later, its COOL !
In the meantime, I added a cool F.D Truck with astro boy and astro girl, made by Yonezawa in Japan... I never saw it before, you ! ?
Also, straight From Japan.... X-15 Flying Saucer.. and this one lacks Robby : )!!!
Enjoy, more to come soon !

13th of August 2013

Something old, something blue, something borrowed something.... PINK :)
Check out Robot 5..... in Pink... wow !!  :)

9th of August 2013

I found a fantastic robot with a even better story in Germany this summer....Yonezawa - Jupiter Robot.
amazing story and near mint robot... you can not do much better than this example !
From Trieste I brought Back a fantastic Zero of Space with original box .

30th of July 2013

Austria and Italy were GREAT and a lot of rare toys came on my way :)
Had not the time to take them all back home so I have to go back there soooooon :)
I added an ultra rare flying saucer today, I can not even find out the manufacturer.... box is probably the only one on this planet :-)
More later !

17th of July 2013

On my journey through italy, slovenia, germany and austria i found several interesting robots again.
among them are a rare grey panel lavender robot, jupiter robot and even a unknown spanish robot. I will picture them next week so more info is comming up. for the moment the weather is simply too beautifull to stay inside.... lets enjoy the summer :)




27th of June 2013

A very nice toy was added to the website today: Mihashi - Outer Space Patrol in near mint condition !
Very hard to find toy in any condition !
I also added a complete Monorail from Nomura and a near mint Lavender Robot.

what a COOL hobby this is ! :)


24th of June 2013

Shooting Giant Robot, made in the Netherlands.. ( where else ! :-)
It looks to be an historical day... The gang of Five is dead.... Long live the Gang of SIX :-) !
Oh and a friend brought over a nice Target Robot as well....


18th of June 2013

Its 34 degrees overhere in Holland today so a perfect day to picture some new robots again :) I added a near mint in near mint box FIRST version Television Spaceman !  awesome robot that I found on a flea market in Rome some months agoo. Enjoy !

14th of June 2013

Space Robot Car was added today. The box is repro but the artwork is still one of the best I have ever seen for a tin space car !! WOW !
More.... MUCH more to come.



5th of June 2013

SUMMER finally arrived here in Holland, wow ! :) Time to add some old stock robots again. First version attacking Martian mint in box.. Found several of these attacking martians in Italy ( altamura ) in an old antique / toyshop. I have to go back there soon beause there was more but I was not able to take them with me the first time ! :)

31th of May 2013

Moon Patrol Vehicle X-5 added WHITE !!! WOW ultra rare and scarce !
what a beauty !!!!
Have a great weekend


28th of May 2013

Well... wanna see something rare...ASC - Mach GO GO GO speed racer is one to look at for sure ! :)
I also added a Ranger Robot from Daiya and a perfectly working planet cruiser UN 571 from Suzuki and Edwards :)
Further I added a very rare space explorer tank from Tomuro... never saw it ever before, its cool, check it out !!

24th of May 2013

I bumped into a pile of boxes with flying saucers last week.
Took almost all my time to sort it out, over 25 flying saucers, most of them with original box.
I added allready one, VX-1000 from Western Germany... An absolute rare saucer !
I also added eightman, finally he is on my shelves :-) and he is COOOOL ! :)
More to come... have a great weekend


17th of May 2013

Lunar Transport from Greece... Have you EVER seen this toy before ? well not me and there is ALCOHOL on board as well :)
Further I have added a Radicon Robot with original box, near mint to mint robot....  !
and a very rare flying saucer ( x-3000 ) from Modern Toys

13th of May 2013
Ok, vacation is over again, time to get back to work :-)
Have you ever seen a mint in box Nomura - Robby Space Patrol ??  NO ?? well you can find one at my website now :)!
also an other very rare toy but this one is from China.
Space Tank MG-009  ( huh... not ME-091...nopes, its MG-009 :-)  in grey/baby blue. :-)

3th of May 2013

Moon Devision No.3 is a spacetoy that is absolutely hard to find in near mint to mint condition.
Of course Italy released again one of its treasures... with original box !

No need to ever upgrade this one ! :)

Oh and you really have to check out the Meccano Robot as well !! :)



24th of April 2013

Today I added a boxed busy cart robot and a batmobile, a space lab M-50 and a Daiya Ranger Robot... 
Spring has arrived in Holland.. WOW ! :)

23th of April 2013

VST 1008 was added today. Horikawa - Attacking Goggle Martian with Lighted Eyes. Again an unique piece that will fit
Perfectly between the other Martians :-)
I also added a near mint Mechanized Robby The Robot again with original box... a real beauty ! ( second version Robby )

16th of April 2013

On my recent trip through Italy ( last winter ) I found 5 horikawa robots on a market, all perfect ones. I pictures the first one today: Mr Hustler.
A very very nice robot, excellent and works fine, all original.


5th of April 2013

I have been working very hard on my latest project, more about that later !  :) I added a space scout X-110 today, ultra rare spacetoy.
More robots and spacetoys will be added next week !

Have a great weekend



25th of March 2013

I found an excellent to near mint Blue Space Station in original box + inserts... have been a while when I saw one for the last time...
Still one of my favorites !



14th of March 2013

I found a very..ehhh no Near MINT to MINT Nomura Batman in Germany couple of weeks agoo.
The box has some issues, tears and old tape repairs but the robot itself... WOW ! Never Owned such a perfect batman EVER !
you will have a HELL of a job to ever upgrade this one !



13th of March 2013

I found an ultra rare robot dog made by Ites which I will picture and post later this week. First I added a Rosko Blue astronaut in near mint condition with a wonderfull box. Works like new !

Update... Pluto Robot Dog is there as well... WOW...ULTRA rare !! 


6th of March 2013

Yeah.... he is ready... many weeks of work came along with this robot: Rocket Robot Ranger   (VST 1007 ) Plz DO NOT take a look
at this robot if you have an original Daiya Ranger Robot and you like that robot... You wont after you have seen the Rocket Ranger ! :)


4th of March 2013

Finally.... the SUN arrived overhere in Holland and Spring seems to be knocking on our door, wow this brings new energy ! ;-)
Introducing VST 1006: Yoshiya - Mighty Mr Robot, a combined project from Martijn and Myself...

22th of February 2013

I found a very nice Tuliphead robot with original box in Italy. Bought it from the first owner and the robot was stored away for years.. This time it was special because I had to pick up the robot in person and.... had to climb on the attic to get it :-) Unfortunately no other toys were stored away but this tuliphead made my day ! 
I also added an excellent to near mint FIRST version Mechanized Robby Robot with Original Box !

19th of February 2

today I added several toys and among them 2 new and absolute unique creations: Diamond Space Patrol 001 by Ichida Japan and Alps Space Drummer X-13. Both artworks are designed and created inhouse by VST. both are unique and one of a kind examples. Not a second one excists or will be ever made. If you are looking to upgrade your collection... well you can add some awesome pieces now
More to come.....

5th of February 2013

I am working hard this week to move to my new workshop. In the meantime I started to make new pictures again because more than 50 toys are waiting to be pictured, its busy on the shelves :)
First one to start with is Winky Robot in rare color BLUE
I also added a New Ranger Robot from Daiya and with new I really mean: NEW ! :)

Unplayed with for more than 50 years !



th of February 2013

Today I will receive the keys of my new workshop !. I will try to add pictures soon here. A lot of work the comming weeks to move there
and bring all my stuff there. A lot of new and ultra rare toys are comming up including my latest creation: Diamond Space Planet 001  

stay tuned...Marco 

17th of January 2013

Space Robo  made by Tomy was added today. Made in the late sixites ( 1969 to be exact :)
Rare robot... 

16th of January 2013

Wow, 15 cm of snow, welcome to Winter Wonderland :-) Time to add some spacetoys that are able to walk in the snow :)
M-27 Moon Explorer with original box... this one can really walk in the fresh snow :)
More to add...


4th of January 2013

Its time to add some toys again and how could I start the year better than by adding THE most rare and scarce saucer ever build:-)
ATC - Space Robot X-103  I really dare to state that you will never see this saucer again for a very.... long time :)
Super KUN Jet X-3 was also added today.
More to come....!

1th of January 2013

I wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

















24th of December 2012

I wish everybody a merry christmas !!

18th of December 2012

Mr. Mercury in unplayed with condition.... whoaaa that is again an unbeatable combination with the original box.
The artwork on the box is awesome, inserts and instructions are included !!

14th of december 2012

Say hello to the Prince... Prince Planet by Yanoman in Japan with original box... you never saw this one before, trust me ! :)

what a cool date :-)
this date demands cool toys: Super Jetter !

11th of December 2012

Robot War Boat R-7 was added today to the website. These toys belong to the most rare spacetoys in the world.
Also a T-28 Gigantor Sky Rocket with original box ( Bandai ) and Flying Saucer with Tetsujin were added today. I found more Tetsujin / Gigantor Toys that I will add soon... 

5th of December 2012

Today its "Sinterklaas"  overhere in the Netherlands and that means.... PRESENTS and TOYS for our children. I am SURE the robot I added today was once in the same position and was a present with Sinterklaas, Santa Claus or some similar event.
Linemar Powder or Lantern Robot  an Icon, a rare.... a scarce one !

Happy Birthday Sinterklaas :)

4th of December 2012

Exelo Mars Explorer was added today. Made in the late fifties and yes, its that rare green car with drivers behind the windows :)
I also added a classic robot today, Rocketman in Space Armor by Alps. Complete and perfectly working robot in excellent to near mint condition. Really an above average robot ! what a beauty ! 
And final.....  tadaa... Space Scout X110  by K&K  ( who ??!!  yes, K&K ) I have NO idea and info about this trademark, and so far nobody has but thats not so strange for a rocket that is probably on of the few excisting ;-)!


30th of November 2012

Interview with NRC, one of the major newspapers in the Netherlands. I am proud to have half a page with a kick ass article with pictures of robots. I will post a copy of that article soon on this website.
what more is to come... I added ATOM BOY MOTORCYCLE today, made by ASAKUSA in Japan.
Ultra rare toy with astroboy behind the steeringrod :)
MUCH more to come the next days, I have to make some pics again this weekend so stay tuned !

21th of November 2012

The exhibition has started allready. I added a quick inpression here below. IF you have a change than you really have to take a look in Hoorn in the Netherlands !! Over 300 Robots and spacetoys !! are exhibited. Unique for the Netherlands and yes they are all there including the Gang, Diamond Planet Robot and many more....

14th of November 2012

It was a LOT of work but the exhibition is really beautifull. Byond my expectations !
Over 300 robots and spacetoys are now in the museum in Hoorn, absolutely UNIQUE for the Netherlands. This is the first time such a collection with robots and spacetoys can be seen in our country !

I also found the time to add new toys again. This time a very nice discovery by Martijn. A space boat from China ( MF 895 )
Bet you never saw this one before ! :-)

More to come..

5th of November 2012

Some fantastic news: I have been asked by a big museum overhere in Holland to show my robot collection.
a real exhibition of robots and spacetoys ! :)
For a period of 6 months. That means that a big part of my personal collection will be shown to the world in the museum of the 20th Century.  More information about this as soon as possible as well as pictures of course ! :) 

The Exhibition will be from 17th of November 2012 - 15th of April 2013 in the Museum of the 20th Century In Hoorn / Netherlands
More information will follow soon !


30th of October 2012

Kanto Space Patrol is again a toy you will not see too often in the open market :-) Its hard to believe this toy was ever made and meant as a TOY ! :)
Enjoy the pics

29th of October 2012

I see one of my last newsflashed was lost so therefore a fresh one ;)
Added several robots and spacetoys again to the site. HongKong Robots and a very nice Space Explorer robot from Yonezawa, Mint in box.


19th of October 2012

A nice and shiny sunny day overhere in Holland. 23 degrees celcius... WOW ! We had lunch in the garden today :)
Perfect day to add a Beautifull Spacetoy: Aoshin Flying Space Saucer.  !!!!!

10th of October 2012

I found a near mint XM-12 Rocket in Italy last year but found it back recently again in a box, put it there and just forgot about it... Yes, I really reach a point where I find surprises at my own attic :)...... its cool :)
Yonezawa made this rocket, Moon Rocket XM-12   hard, VERY hard to find in this near mint condition !
I added also a near mint Thunder Robot today, really a very nice example as well :-) 

9th of October 2012

Collecthit in Brussels was great last weekend but the best toys came from Finland this time ! :)
Have you ever seen the original box for Mars Rocket 3122 in real ! ?
Or..... The rocket in question in MINT unplayed with condition ! ?
Its here on , added today.


2th of October 2012

A new month, shorter days and time to dive into new robots again, making pictures and collecting the stories behind them.
Today I added a robot from Spain, called: ROBOT 
Made by Lemssa, mint in box.... and also.......->
*  Yonezawa - Atom Rocket 15 with original box.
* AHI - Outer Space Robot ( blue vizor ! )
* ASC - Chime Trooper
* Nomura - Robby Space Patrol

Ok, all for today :) !

21th of September 2012

I found a space station ( blue ) in Brazil some time agoo. a played with spacetoy in its purest form... THIS is how a vintage toy should look like :)

18th of September 2012

VST 1002, better known as V-12 SpaceMan Tractor. Again an unique piece, made in the Netherlands. in a series of 1 out of 1. Designed after the ideas of the golden age, a piece of spactoy art !
Nomura V-12 SpaceMan Tractor... Check it out..:-)

* Also Alps - Talk Robo was added. Mint in box RARE !!!!!! Robot, great design !

14th of September 2012

There are only a couple of original changeman on this planet but only ONE of them is build after the original constructionsheets from the late sixties / early seventies !  Changeman with swinging arms AND Kaleidoscope action !
One of the rarest Robots I have ever seen !


11th of September 2012

I added one of the most searched for robots again today. from the first owner in well played with condition: Masudaya Target Robot !
The robot spent 30 years on an attic in a box.....
One of the most wanted and hardest to find robots on this planet ! I also added a Spanish Robot, Robot a Resorte WITH the original box

More to come


30th of August 2012

Yonezawa - Moon Detector mint in box.. what a beauty ! :)


29th of August 2012

Again from the UK and this surprises me to be honnest. Again I found a Batman there in excellent to near mint condition and this time he has the more rare yellow switch :) complete with original box. Batman rules !

24th of August 2012

Thanks to my italian friend...One of the most amazing and rare robots: Horikawa Forklift Robot with original box + one original crate..
Have a great weekend and enjoy the pictures ! :)


23th of August 2012

I added a very nice Lavender Robot again today to the website. I found 2 of these in Italy last month, stored away in a basement and this is one of them. Very nice Lavender robot in perfect working order.


22th of August 2012

The amount of new toys that came in last weeks are insane and I had to unpack, inspect and test all that I brought with me from my latest trip. Finally I could make some pics again and found the time to update my website.
From now on regular updates with new robots and spacetoys will be done. Starting today with a very nice robot tractor with original box I found near Milan. 


9th of August 2012

I finally found the time to picture some new robots. Here is the first new find: Mr Hustler with original box.
Awesome robot that does not surface too often in this condition. MOre to come !


3th of August 2012

France and Italy are great... the weather, the sun and.. the robots ! :)
I found many nice toys again, I will picture them soon.


22th of July 2012:

My trip to France and Italy was great again and it brougth some awesome new robots and spacetoys. I will picture them soon
and list them here on my website.
Have a great vacation and enjoy the good weather.


6th of July 2012:

Yonezawa X-12 Moon Rocket made in Japan was added today and dont get confused, its NOT the Regular XM-12 Rocket ! :-)
Enjoy the Story ! and pictures. Further the Italian connection brought also an original Robby Space Patrol. I never had such a nice example before and I dare to state the toy is near mint !. can you believe it... a near mint robby space patrol ! ;)
Also 2 blue Sparky Robots were added.


25th of June 2012:

Talking Robots always seems to attrackt a lot of interest and I know why... they are among the coolest because of their talking...
Nothing beats a Talking Robot ! Complete with orignal box !
Also a very nice Venus robot with remote was added.

21th of June 2012: 

One of my all time favorite toys was added again today to this website: Horikawa - New Space Station ( blue variation )
My all time favorite spacetoy ! in awesome condition !

19th of June 2012: 

Haji - Batman X-Ray Explorer did not last much longer than a day on my website. There was a lot of interest and the Toy sold within a day and... I am proud of that to be honnest... It was a lovely Ford Fairlane with Batman behind a HUGE X-Ray Gun, a lovely piece and it went to the Philipines..  Congrats with this Unique Piece ! :)

Further I have added a boxed X-80 Planet Explorer and a Purple Planet Cruiser which is not the correct name for the toy when we have to believe the BOX ( yes there IS a box !!!!!!! ) check it out, its ULTRA cool !

Also a black Mechaninzed Robby was added and when I tried to insert my D-Cell Batteries... they did not fit ! :-)
So i had to use some C-Cells the get the robot moving... strange or what ! :)
More to come

18th of June 2012:

12000 Ton Forging Press ME 651 made in China added today. You really have to look at the pictures, its amazing and not even a Robot or Spacetoy... wow ! :)


15th of June 2012:

Batman X-Ray Explorer  made by Haji   huh ! ? :-) you better check it out....

5th of June 2012:

I have to be honnest... I never expected to have a second Jupiter Robot on my shelves but he is really there ! :)
Without the box this time but that does not make him less beautifull... what an impressive robot, wow !
Further Colonel Hap Hazard is back on the scene and this time he is unplayed with and comes with original box.
More to come...

1th of June 2012:

I added a very nice flying saucer today I found a couple of months agoo. Surprisingly WITH original box. Modern Toys
M-50  Space Ship.. its cool

31th of May 2012:

I found a Moon Explorer M-27 again with original box but this one is new and unplayed with... its a beauty that you never ever ever have to upgrade again. Also added a space patrol circus car :) and a very nice complete boxed dux astroman in really perfect working order.
I also added an rare french spaceship, KX 2000   check it out !
More to come....


24th of May 2012:

Well Finally spring arrived here in Holland, its 30 degrees celcius and its HOT ! :)
A perfect day to unpack the next box from the italian collection and see whats inside....
Again a toy I never saw before.... Bandai Sears Super 1 Space Bulldozer in awesome condition !
You really have to look at this one !

16th of May 2012

Robot Car X-9  one of my favorites. Found this one in spain some months agoo, took some time to get it over but it was worth the wait :)
Wonderfull ALL original condition... again a piece of robot history !

15th of May 2012

I added several robots again, amoung them a Lavender, musical drummer, Batman and Pinoccio Atomico...have you ever seen this robot ? Dont lie or your nose will grow....take a look at pinoccio.. he lied as well ! :-) 

7th of May 2012

After a weekend of hard work again I added again a very nice robot, Alps Missile Robot, one of the famous Alps Gang of Three.
I also added a rare and scarce moon ship with original box and a KO Commander Atomic Constructor

4th of May 2012

Orbit Explorer with floating balls in original box. One of my favorite spacetoys from the sixties. Have a great weekend

3th of May 2012

If you are looking for an excellent Radicon Robot in full working order... well than hurry... My experience is that these never stay too long on my website :) !  I have take a LOT of pictures again, more very nice toys will be added soon

25th of April 2012

My friend from Brussels would call this toy: " Rare Like Sjiet "  I will translate this for you, its means something like " I MUST HAVE THIS TOY NO MATTER WHAT" :-)  The toy in question is a Space Age FIghter. A super hero in an airplane....
Man those Japanese could make REALLY cool spacetoys.... Oh and its made by Daito by the way

23th of April 2012

Mechanical Robot  AKA Conehead robot was never my favorite untill it hit my shelves :) WOW he is cool ! ;)

17th of April 2012

Diaya Missile Launcher. An impressive spacetoy from the early sixties in perfect working condition !
This toy was part of a HUGE collection I found in Italy last month. Also Mobil Jet showed up in that collection.
A rare spacetoy that not surfaces too often, in great condition !
More to come....


8th of April 2012

A blue Winky Robot with original box was added to the website today.
Rare , very very rare in blue !

Have a great eastern

28th of March 2012

ASC Batmobile and Space Commander, both with original box added today to the website.

27th of March 2012

A very nice rocket called Fire Rocket X-0077 added today to the new arrivals.
complete with its original box.

26th of March 2012

Wow, 10 days without robots and spacetoys but skiing and austria are beautifull as well :)
I added one of my first spacetoys today: Mercury X-1 flying saucer with original box... Further I added Yonezawa Space Car with original box.
I had this toy for some time but found a near mint original box for it last week in belgium.


16th of March 2012

It has been some hectic days. A lot of new robots showed up. I found the time to picture the first one. High Bouncer Moon Scout with original box.

7th of March 2012

Nose Action Robot... I am sure you NEVER heard of this rare Tobor from Russia.  Thanks to Martijn... who has give the name, its here now !


6th of March 2012

Kozmicke Vozidlo with original box. One of the rarest spacetoys I ever had in my collection. I found one complete and working in
original box !. Further I added a space bus, take a LOOK ! ;) wow
also added to near mint to mint 2 speed gear robots, 2 different variations !
Have fun


5th of March 2012

Wow, time flies, its March allready... spring can not be far away anymore. A good reason again to add a new robot: Yonezawa - Directional robot, mint robot in mint box, !


28th of February 2012

Eeeeks.... Martin the Creepy Tentacle Octopus Martian arrived :-) Made by Hishimo Toy Company in Japan in the fifties.

27th of February 2012

One of the most rare and scarce robots from the sixties was added today to the website: Mighty Robot by KO Yoshiya. Near mint to mint robot in its original box + inserts... impossible to ever upgrade !. Also added a red ( with button ) Space Explorer and a Walking Knight in Armor which is really still one of my favorite lithoed robots !


23th of February 2012

It has been a very busy week again but I finally found the time again to picture some new robots. I have added today
Yonezawa`s Mr. Planet. An awesome see thru robot in excellent condition. More to come ! :)

21th of February 2012

Today i moved my website to a new server. If you occur any problems then leave me a message at



14th of February 2012

Winter came to an end here, NO "Elfstedentocht" what a pitty, maybe next year :) !
Ok, back to the robots now then.... Godaikin Tetsujin 28 !!  made by Bandai in the early 80`s   and yes the robot is even more impressive than its name :) I have added a lot of info and nice pictures of this impressive robot today. ( Oh and dont forget its Valentine today :)


8th of February 2012

Not robots are keeping us here busy, but its the " Elfstedentocht "  A legendary skating tour over 200 km that goes along 11 cities in the northern part of the Netherlands. Its a world famous tour. Its still winter overhere and its freezing hard for almost 2 weeks now. Maybe the 16the edition of the Elfstedentocht, will be held at the end of this week, we will see :)
I have added 2 very nice horikawa robots to the website today. Fighting Robot and Smoking robot.  I am off now, back to the ice for some skating :)


3th of February 2012

Atom Jet 1 from Japan, made by Bandai. An Amazing Atom Boy Car.

2th of February 2012

I could really not take this for myself any longer :) ! Check out R-10 Robby Space Patrol and dont forget to read the story behind it... its unique in the world :-)  ( and the best, my opinion ! )


1th of February 2012

A near mint boxed Lavender Robot and near mint Answer Game Machine Joined the other toys :)
More to come..............

31th of January 2012

Its really unbelievable, time flies.. another month has come to an end. Its Winter in Europe and more important, in Holland.
minus 10 degrees Celcius so in a few days skates can be sharpened and we hit the lakes :)
for the rest, a sunny day, a normal day and robot added to the website... just a normal day or not ! ? and as James Bond allready knew... Diamonds are forever !........Enjoy the pics

29th of January 2012

Winter is knocking at our door and temperatures of -10 and more are waiting for us overhere in Holland :) Guess I have to get my skates out of grease and get prepeared for some nature ice scating :) besides that its perfect weather to picture some robots and spacetoys again and add them to my website. I still have a shipload to picture and add. The GOLDEN horikawa I added today is the scarce golden variation with silver doors. never played with in original them or hate them... these golden destroyers are getting scarcer every year.

23th of January 2012

Super Mars King is a robot you dont see around too often. I had one before in played with condition. This example I added today is mint, never played with ever. This King belongs to the rarest Horikawa`s

20th of January 2012

I got a friend over from Italy last week He promised me to bring some surprises and what a day it was :-)
A near mint Target Robot is added to my website. Hurry !! ....................


17th of January 2012

Not many robots were made in Brazil in the late sixties but the ones they made... wow
Estrela made some nice " Robo`s" 


13th of January 2012

Friday the 13th...... please beware ! ;)
the date goes perfect with the robot that I added today: Mechanized Robby Robot near mint in ditto original box. The robot comes with a great history of which we all can learn again: always use fresh batteries :)
An really excellent Giant Sonic Robot has been added as well
Have a safe day and a great weekend...


11th of January 2012

Mi Lunar Module ( new mint in box ) , Space Cruiser U.N. 751 and Mat are added to the website.
You really have to take a look at MAT   A Japanese Superhero from the sixties made as a cool robot by Bullmark. !
What a Fantastic Robot again, made in Japan


9th of January 2012

A very rare robot was added today: Flower Robot. You really have to check out the story behind this robot :) 
One of the best kept mysteries on this robot planet, ENJOY



8th of January 2012

What happens when you put a brand new mint robot from the fifties in a brand new mint box without any protection... exactly
the box get damaged because of the loose robot inside... a pitty but thats exactly what happed to Irwin, my friend from Mars :)
Mint, new in ( near mint ) box. 

3th of January 2012

First of all.... HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all with a LOT of great robots and spacetoys !!. A fresh start of this new year with a fresh robot.
Ribbon Head Robby.... near mint to mint in original box ! 
How can a year start better than this :) !

28th of December 2011

Horikawa New Space Station and Tremendous Mike does not have much in common other than they were both added today to my website :)


22th of December 2011...

The worst thing is over ( at least overhere in the Netherlands )  the shortest day and the longest night... The sun is gaining power again, spring is still far away but I can see it in the distance,  far far away... :)
Before I wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, I found the time to add an awesome spacetoy again. Atom Boy Motorcycle.. The only one known so far  !!  Enjoy the pictures, enjoy christmas and will add more spacetoys and robots before the year is over... Stay tuned.

                                                                                                      MERRY CHRISTMAS !!    
Copy and Paste this url into your browser to see our Christmascard 2011

Have fun ! :)


19th of December 2011

Christmas is comming closer and closer. We all keep dreaming about the toys of our childhood and those great robots under the christmastree.... well here is an other one who will fitt there perfectly... Mighty 8 Robot, made by Modern Toys.
A very scarce robot that can be placed in the top 10 most wanted !!!
More to come :).... Marco

13th of December 2011

Riddle.... Its grey and was made in 1956...

12th of December 2011

2 legends in original box were added today: Radicon Robot in Original box and Daiya Road Construction Roller...
you really have to check those 2 out, Rare with a big R !!!



5th of December 2011

A very nice Door Robot ( Alps ) was added to the website this morning. Perfect working example with original box and inserts.
Enjoy the pictures


3th of December 2011

The final month of the year... Winter started overhere in Holland and that gives me time again to picture new robots and spacetoys. I finally found the time to inspect and picture the Green Daiya Space Conqueror that I found last year in Italy. Yes Italy was the keyword of 2011. I think I found most of the rare robots there.  Italy is just great and there are soo many unfound treasures there, you have no idea.  This green astronaut is again a perfect example of what Italy has to bring us... More to Come !!!....


28th of November 2011

It almost looks like its normal in this house allready... Rare Robots. My son does not even look up anymore when I walk around with my Machine Man and shows a bit of intrest in a silly Mr Mercury with a strange head :) Yes I added Jupiter Robot with original box today on my website :) and if thats not enough, I also found the time to upload the pictures of my restored Machine Man. It took again more than 4 months but he is ready.... The original Gang of FIve is complete and can be displayed in its full glory.  You really have to check out the pictures. When I think about it, I still can not really believe my eyes.. Before me stands a real and original Machine Man :)


25th of November 2011

Mighty Robot aka Athlete Robot, was made in the same year as myself :) 1967 so it MUST be a good robot :)
near mint with original box. More robots will be added soon
Have a great weekend !

22th of November 2011

I was in Germany last weekend with some robot friends and it was fun again. There will be a meeting again next year in HOLLAND,
the exact date has to be set but I will post that soon here, so stay tuned.
I added a very nice Chime Trooper again to the website... Man, great robots were made in the sixties... what a beauty..


16th of November 2011

Masudaya Red Spaceman was made in the early sixties and is " rare like sjiet " at least that is what my Friend from Brussels would call him :-) enjoy the pictures, only looking at this red devil makes your day :-)


11-11-11 at 11:11 Hours...

What a great date and time to add a special spacetoy: Horikawa Red Space Station, Mint in Mint box, originally priced at 4,88 usd. Then there is a Lunar Bulldozer which makes sure our robots can walk on a flat lunar surface....Life IS great !,


9th of November 2011

I have been unbelievable busy the past few weeks. 24 hours a day: Robots !! but its fun to do. I finally got time to picture Nando Robot.
As far as I know, this is the only Italian robot made allready in 1955.

2th November 2011

November is always a time of the year to start with new fresh additions to my website. I had some time to work on and picture new robots and spacetoys. I added one of the most rare and scarce robots today: Yonezawa - Mr. Atomic in BLUE   ! :)
You really have to read the story behind this robot, its cool.

27th of October 2011

The robot icon from the fifties: Alps - Television Spaceman with original box. Thanks Barry for keeping this one on your attic for all those years !


25th of October 2011

Nomura Tuliphead with original box was added today along with  KO Yoshiya Magic Space Dog....Oh and plz do NOT forget to check out the Korean Space Commander... you will love it !  :)


17th of October 2011

I added 2 awesome toys today: Airport Saucer and Walking Knight in Armor. Expecially the last one deserves some attention. take a look and you know what i mean instantly !  Walking Knight in Armor !

11th of October 2011

Yes its official: Happy Harry or Hysterical Robot was made by Yonezawa ! I found an example for the Japanese Market, marked: Yonezawa, I am not surprised, its a great robot, cool design and I LOVE the artwork on the box !

9th of October 2011

Krome Dome with Original Box and XM-12 Moon Rocket with original box. Just take the time to look at the pictures. Enjoy

6th of October 2011

Last weekend was interesting again. I slightly remember driving with lightning speed over the Brussels Roads from one Robot Stock store to the other :) Hard music and robotfriends joined me and with a couple of beers it was FUN. The word for this yearly event is: ROBOT DIVING :) Imagine an attic where ALL your dreams come through...Robots stored away in boxes, more boxes, more and more and more boxes... simply TOO much for your brain to handle. Again I found some interesting robots and spacetoys, Horikawa robots, space stations, and even a blue Mr Atomic showed up, not in Brussels but more about that later.
For the moment I started making pictures again, a VERY nice Fighting Spaceman in Original box.
Stay tuned, MUCH more to come.


26th of September 2011

Radar Robot made by Nomura in the late fifties was added to the shop today. Rare and scarce robot with original box.

14th of September 2011

Again a Mr added today, this time its MR. Mercury by Marx. Golden version with original box, inserts and instructionsheet.
Also added an awesome spacetoy: check out: X-Ray Gun by Nomura....


8th of September 2011

Beeing busy is the correct keyword. I have added a very very nice robot again today: Modern Toys - Target Robot.
Allthough the robot is not mint anymore, it tells a story... still a great example of this legendary robot and isnt this how a vintage robot should look like ! ? :-) 
Then there is Robot Car X-9, made by the same manufacturer... what a lust for the eye.... wow the colors and litho and what a rare toy... take a look and enjoy !


24th of August 2011

Ranger Robot.. These plastic robots are extremely hard to find in any condition but when you see this example in its original rare box... you will be sold immediately .... Made by Daiya in Japan by the way

15th of August 2011

I added one of the most rare and desirable robots today, Modern Toys Machine Man. Allthough its for display only I strongly suggest you read the story and take a look at the pictures. Plz note that the Conversion of this robot is available for sale.


12th of August 2011

I added one of my favorite flying saucers again to my website: X-80 Planet Explorer. Oh and do NOT forget to check out the Robot Construction Roller !

10th of august 2011

Ok, finally the tent has been put away again and its time to make some new pictures again from new treasures found :)
Holidays are over and robots and spacetoys will rule again  ! I added a cragstan astronaut X-70 to the website today, check him out he is really great, more, MUCH more to come ....
* Added a brand new Directional Robot as wel, originally boxed, A beauty !!! Check it out.
* Horikawa New Space Station added, one of my favorite spacetoys !!!
* Yonezawa - Moon Patrol 11   ( rare like sjiet ! )

7th of august 2011

I have finally added the new pictures of a great robot today to the new arrivals: Modern Toys Giant Machine Man.
This is the second Machine Man I build out of a Lavender Robot. Plz take a look at the amazing pictures, contact me for more information and price of this robot.

28th of July 2011

Vacation almost comes to an end. I travelled through france and italy for almost 3 weeks and I found a LOT of new and interesting toys that I will list as soon as I come back.
I hope you all have a beautifull vacation with some good weather... in europe past weeks were not that good and thats an understatement...


8th of July 2011

Nomura Rocket Express was added today to this site. A 100 % complete example of this scarce spacetoy. Enjoy the pictures.

3th of July 2011

I made a lot of new pictures today and I will have find some time to add them all here again. Vacation is comming soon now and I want to wish everybody a good vacations and do me a favour and try to visit a toyshop in when you are out... you never know what to find in your vacation :-) !!
New items will be added this week


21th of June 2011

ATD Astro boy added today to this website. Made in the early sixties.

15th of June 2011

The Moon Robot did not stay too long listed on my website, sold within the hour. I am sorry for this.
I will locate a new one and add it soon. I also added a very busy talking robot again today...Still one of my favorite

Yes, its the one with the legendary phrases...

1. " I am bullitproof too, hahahahaha"
2. " I am leaving now to explore the outer limits boys, goodbye, see you again"
3. " I am the atomic powered robot, please leave my best wishes to everybody"
4. " I am a mighty man with one milion of hoursepower inside me, do you get me now"


14th of June 2011

An awesome Mechanical Moon Robot was added to the website today. Also Called RIBBONHEAD Robot.

10th of June 2011

" The next Train will be leaving from Platform ONE ! "  Oh and its the ONLY known train as well :)
Check out the latest arrival: Marusan Moon Rocket Space Train with original box....

6th of June 2011

Awesome toys added again today, check it out !!: Space commando, Space Guard and Tetsujin No.1   


1th of June 2011

3, 2, 1  !!  Nomura made a great launching Toy back in the mid fifties. One of the most beautifull static toys they made but with a very short production run. Reason: Dangerous toy !  
Lucky us.... its one of the nicest toys these days... and yes still dangerous :) !



30th of May 2011

MEET BIG LOO !   what an awesome robot.

26th of May 2011

Old stock from Italy added today. Yonezawa Sonar Space Patrol....original inserts, awesome box and toy, complete with whistle and in working order...

25th of May 2011

I spent most of the weekend negotiating on a rusted old robot but unfortunately I was not able to work it out. I spotted an original Machine Man on ebay but the condition is simply way too bad, will cost a small fortune to restore and i think not only the litho has damage but also the tin parts have too much damage... I could not work it out this time... shit.. hehehehehe

What I DID found is a nice black robot with a Kaleidoscope in his chest....looks nice ;)


20th of May 2011

I was able to make some nice pictures again yesterday. A time slurping procedure because I need some good daylight for this.
I have to emply my wooden fruitbasket and clear the table in the livingroom :)

Some first results and many of them will leave the Netherlands very soon again:
* Cragstan Mr Lem, Tuliphead X-70, Robot Shepard are a few to mention. Oh I forgot a very nice Krome Dome boxed.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the info and pictures


18th of May 2011

Added today:
* X-7 Popping Space Tank Modern toys    check this one out... rare  !
* SY - Space F.D. Robot.....

13th of May 2011

Watch out...... its friday the 13th Today. !!! :-) I added 2 new robots today but did not dare to touch them, afraid they would fall out of my hands.

An original blue Rosko Astronaut was added today, near mint in perfect working order.
Second one is a rare BullMark Ultraman. Enjoy and have a wonderfull weekend


12th of May 2011

Look at the mint Apollo Spaceship I have added today. A pretty common spacetoy but NOT in this condition.
New mint boxed !

10th of May 2011:

One robot added today to the website and you really dont want to miss this one: Tomy`s Mike Robot. Again a very very hard to find robot.
Today also the final features are done on the website. We have a working SEARCH function now, WOW !!
I had problems to find my own robots in my website so I really needed this function :) This new page is also great and I will try to add some new robots every day.


9th of May 2011:

I have added 6 new robots today to the new arrivals. plz take the time to take a look at the pictures, they look awesome in display. I think there are more of these and I try to figure out which ones there are missing.


3th of May 2011

Added the following robots today:

* X-70 Tulip Head Robot
* Winky Robot
* Yoshiya Chief Smoky


April 29th  2011

Well.....l Finally I have created my own newspage.
Took me some time but its finally here.

You will find here news, posts and updates about my website and most important... new arrivals :)

I have added one new robot today: Marx Linemar Golden Robot.

Have a great weekend