Vintage Space Toys: page 19

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 - Robot
Lemssa - Robot
The odds you find this robot in ONE piece are not that big. In fact its almost impossible to find th...More
 - Cragstan X-70 Astronaut
Daiya - Cragstan X-70 Astronaut
Made in Japan in the sixties by Daiya ( for Cragstan,not for Rosko ) This Astronaut X-70 is the thir...More
 - Hootin Hollow Haunted House
Marx - Hootin Hollow Haunted House
Yes Yes i know... This Haunted Hause has really NOTHING to do with robots ! :) Maybe there is ONE co...More
 - Firebird Batmobile with Batman and Robin
Alps - Firebird Batmobile with Batman and Robin
Batman with Robin, sitting in a firebird concept car from Alps... Things Can be more crazy than I co...More
 - Moon Detector
Yonezawa - Moon Detector
Well... if you EVER wondered ( and why shouldn`t you :-) how a new mint in box moon detector wo...More
 - Super Space Patrol
Nomura - Super Space Patrol
When I found this spacetoy hidden in a closet and forgotten for a very long time I realized how...More
 - Z-01 The Red Man From Space
Nomura - Z-01 The Red Man From Space
As a collector of flying saucers this one made my heart beat a little faster :-)  The Red ...More
 - V-12 SpaceMan Tractor ( VST - 1002 )
Nomura - V-12 SpaceMan Tractor ( VST - 1002 )
Again an unique piece, made in the Netherlands. made in a series of 1 out of 1. Designed after ...More
 - Space Explorer
Yonezawa - Space Explorer
At first sight you would say this is a SH robot or maybe and HongKong Robot but nothing of this...More
 - M-50 Space Ship
Modern Toys - M-50 Space Ship
Have you ever noticed that a flying saucer is always controlled by an astronaut and NEVER by a robot...More
 - Lunar Bulldozer
Nomura - Lunar Bulldozer
Yes of course.....The moon and other planets we discovered where a mess, and we, humans, had to clea...More
 - Super Kun Jet X-3
Nomura - Super Kun Jet X-3
Makino Productions was responsible for the design of this airplane with Super Kun behind the steerin...More
 - Mr. Planet
Yonezawa - Mr. Planet
The first see thru robot I ever owned was one that was made in HongKong. Later I found out that one ...More
 - Mechanized Robby Robot Silver / Grey Variation
Nomura - Mechanized Robby Robot Silver / Grey Variation This is a robot with a great story... Take a seat,...More
 - Mr. Mercury
Marx - Mr. Mercury
Again we have a MISTER here :) its MR. Mercury made in Japan in the early sixties by Marx. This...More
 - Fighting Space Man
Horikawa - Fighting Space Man
I found a picture of a book ( Eaton`s Canada Christmas Catalog 1968. I this catalog Horikawa`s Fight...More
 - Winky Robot Blue
Yonezawa - Winky Robot Blue
Winky Robot, made by Yonezawa in Japan in the late 1950`s is just an icon from the golden age, perio...More
 - Space Explorer
Yonezawa - Space Explorer
This Tin wind up astronaut was made in 1958 and came in 2 variations: WITH and WITHOUT a shoulder an...More
 - Mobil Jet
Marubishi - Mobil Jet
"Look for Good Toy"  made in Japan. That is what`s inside the manufacturers Logo :)&n...More
 - Super Kun
Nomura - Super Kun
Character toys were and still are a different chapter in the history of the Golden Age. Only made fo...More
 - Talk Robo
Alps - Talk Robo
This rare robot was never sold outside Japan. Its made somewhere in the seventies and I bought the r...More
 - Fire Rocket X-0077
Yonezawa - Fire Rocket X-0077
who on earth came up with the name of this rocket: X-0077 The name simply does not make much sense,...More
 - Golden Lantern Powder Robot
Linemar - Golden Lantern Powder Robot
Lantern, powder, smoking... these are some phrases that belong to this extremely scarce robot. Inves...More
 - Cragstan Ranger Robot
NGS - Cragstan Ranger Robot
" Daiya Ranger Robot was made in the late fifties in Japan by Daiya and is one of the grea...More
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