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 - Radicon Robot
Modern Toys - Radicon Robot
The legend.... Radicon Robot build by Masudaya ( Modern-Toys) in Japan in 1957 as the second know ra...More
 - Ultraman
Bullmark - Ultraman
Bullmark - Ultraman. Ultraman was created by the legendary Eiji Tsuburaya in the 60's.The origina...More
 - Robin Flying Space Patrol ( VST 1005 )
ATC - Robin Flying Space Patrol ( VST 1005 )
ATC / VST - Robin Flying Space Patrol What can you do when you find the remains of a rare robot c...More
 - Outer Space Robot
AHI - Outer Space Robot
Outer Space Robot, made by AHI in Hongkong is made in several variations. This blue vizer variation ...More
 - Atomic Boat X-90
ET Company - Atomic Boat X-90
ET - Atomic Boat X-90 I remembered I saw this rare boat before and I had to dive into my books ag...More
 - Space Ship M-50
Modern Toys - Space Ship M-50
I had seen this cute saucer in a book once but never found one untill last summer. Allthough this sa...More
 - Mat
Bullmark - Mat
"Mat is Bad". When you look at the first picture you see bad Mat trying to shoot my Tin Ma...More
 - Eightman
Yonezawa - Eightman
Eightman - Yonezawa From time to time you add robots to your collection of which you NEVER though...More
 - X-15 Spectre Man Flying Saucer
Modern Toys - X-15 Spectre Man Flying Saucer
Modern Toys - X-15 Spectre Man Flying Saucer  X-15, Flying Saucer and Modern toys should be ...More
 - Space Drummer X-13 ( VST - 1004 )
Alps - Space Drummer X-13 ( VST - 1004 )
From the Dutch Spacetoy Studios  ( VST ) comes again a robot with music... Space Drummer X-13, ...More
 - Piston Robot
Horikawa - Piston Robot
Cleaning up my own attic brings surprises. I always knew I had this robot somewhere but when I put i...More
 - Asto Robot
Gakken - Asto Robot
This Robot is called Astro Robot.... at least that is what I always thought. I started my investigat...More
 - Space Explorer Tank
Tomuro - Space Explorer Tank
Tomuro - Space Explorer Tank   This wonderfull tank was made in Japan by Tomuro ( to be honne...More
 - Zero of Space
Cragstan - Zero of Space
The owner of the toyshop in Trieste ( Italy ) laughed friendly to me when I picked up the robot. I g...More
 - Commander Atomic Constructor
Yoshiya - Commander Atomic Constructor
Ahum... an atomic constructor. I had to think for some time for what on earth this toy could be usef...More
 - Planet Explorer ( Non - Fall )
Lyra - Planet Explorer ( Non - Fall )
Lyra - Planet Explorer ( non - fall )  Ahummm......The first thing that crossed my mind when...More
 - Super Jetter
Bandai - Super Jetter
Mirai Kara Shonen Super Jetter or in english: The Boy From the Future: Super Jetter. This was a po...More
 - Space Scout X110
Kamiya - Kamiya Seisakusho - Space Scout X110
This is probably one of the most rare and scarce tin toy rockets that I saw in my carreer. First... ...More
 - Moon Ship Supersonic
Modern Toys - Moon Ship Supersonic
The most rare one out of this series for sure. Moon Ship Supersonic was made in Japan by Modern Toys...More
 - Diamond Planet Robot
Yonezawa - Diamond Planet Robot
As much as I hoped... I never really never expected to have this Holy Grail on my shelves.I only k...More
 - VX-1000 Flying Saucer
Western Germany - VX-1000 Flying Saucer
Western Germany - VX1000 Flying Saucer Funny to see that one of the most desirable flying saucers...More
 - Lunar Transport
Ananaides - Lunar Transport
Ananaides - Lunar Transport This fantastic toy shows exaclty how the greek thought about living i...More
 - Space Superman no 106.B
Hong Kong - Space Superman no 106.B
This strange looking robot is made in a series of 4 robots. You are looking at number 106 B. Totally...More
 - Moon Patrol 11
Yonezawa - Moon Patrol 11
Space Patrol 2019 made by Yonezawa was the saucer I had as a kid and that saucer was the base for th...More
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