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 - Mechanical Moon Robot
Yonezawa - Mechanical Moon Robot
Made in the early sixties ( 1961 ) by Yonezawa in Japan. This windup Moon Robot is better known as R...More
 - Missile Robot
Alps - Missile Robot
When you see this robot in action you understand immediately why not many of these survived. Its the...More
 - Mike Robot
Tomy - Mike Robot
This awesome looking robot was made around 1965 and is again a robot that you will not see...More
 - Pogot
Russia - Pogot
Well, lets face it, my russian is not the best Language, I speak english, french, german, dutch, bel...More
 - Space Scout
Yonezawa - Space Scout
Another "Winky" variation is shown here and the differences are pretty big compared to a W...More
 - Robot with Piston Action
Nomura - Robot with Piston Action
This Robot is also called " Pug Robby " and was made in Japan by Nomura in the late fiftie...More
 - Sparky Robot Blue Variation
Yoshiya - Sparky Robot Blue Variation
Sparky Robots were made in the late fifties in Japan by KO Yoshiya and came in several var...More
 - Space Whale Ship
Yoshiya - Space Whale Ship
F.W. Woolworth Company priced this windup toy at $ 0.98  not knowing that this pricetag would s...More
 - Docking Apollo
Modern Toys - Docking Apollo
The awesome bottomplate of this toy is a real eyecatcher. Take a close look at the pictures, great l...More
 - Smoking Robot Blue variation
Yonezawa - Smoking Robot Blue variation
Although these robots sold pretty well in their time, they prove that smoking is not only unhealthy ...More
 - Mighty Robot
Yoshiya - Mighty Robot
Mighty Robot was made in Japan by KO ( Yoshiya ) in the Mid Sixties ( probably 1965 ). This skirte...More
 - Astroman
Dux - Astroman
Not from Japan this time but build during the 1950`s( first were allready made in 1958 ) In Ger...More
 - USA NASA  Apollo
Modern Toys - USA NASA Apollo
This is an example of a spacetoy that I rate as VERY Scarce and I will explain why....&nbs...More
 - Mr Machine
Ideal - Mr Machine
Mr. Machine is a once popular children's mechanical toy originally manufactured by the Ideal To...More
 - 12000 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press  ME 651
China - 12000 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press ME 651
12000 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press  ME 651  was made in Japan in 1961. I can date this...More
 - Smoking Engine Robot
Horikawa - Smoking Engine Robot
Smoking toys always seems to get special attention and thats the case as well with this robot. Made ...More
 - Zot Robot
Playart - Zot Robot
ZOT... what a name to call a robot :) in fact the complete name is: Zot the friendly Flashing Robot....More
 - Tetsujin 28 no.1
Nomura - Tetsujin 28 no.1
This 7 inch in hight robot was made in the sixties in Japan by Nomura. His name is: Super Hero ...More
 - Tetsujin No.2
Nomura - Tetsujin No.2
Whenever I find a robot or spacetoy I always want to know the story behind it. For someone who lives...More
 - Powder Robot
Linemar - Powder Robot
Lantern, powder, smoking... these are some phrases that belong to this extremely scarce robot. Inv...More
 - Missile Launcher
Daiya - Missile Launcher
This Missile Launcher was made in the early 1960`s by Daiya in Japan. This impressive Vehicle has......More
 - Magic Space Dog
Yoshiya - Magic Space Dog
A FEMALE :-) lady tin dog, build by Yoshiya in Japan in the late 1950`s. This very scarce and rare s...More
 - Mac El Robot Parlante
Ledy - Mac El Robot Parlante
This almost 14 inch robot was made in .... Not Japan but in Mexico. MAQ EL ROBOT PARLANTE - LEDY 19...More
 - Universe Boat ME 767
China - Universe Boat ME 767
Somethimes even I dont recognize the rare toys anymore, I have no idea why this happends but i had t...More
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