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 - M-50 Space Ship
Modern Toys - M-50 Space Ship
Have you ever noticed that a flying saucer is always controlled by an astronaut and NEVER by a robot...More
 - Lunar Bulldozer
Nomura - Lunar Bulldozer
Yes of course.....The moon and other planets we discovered where a mess, and we, humans, had to clea...More
 - Planet Cruiser U.N. 751
S&E - Planet Cruiser U.N. 751
Planet Cruiser U.N 751 Made in Japan by S&E  I saw a lot of strange and scarce spacetoys...More
 - Mr. Planet
Yonezawa - Mr. Planet
The first see thru robot I ever owned was one that was made in HongKong. Later I found out that one ...More
 - Nando
Opset - Nando
There is a reason why robots are so popular in Italy. I always wondered why but when I got this litt...More
 - TV Robot
Hong Kong - TV Robot
Rare Robots and spacetoys can still be found and this TV Robot with its original box is again a...More
 - Fighting Space Man
Horikawa - Fighting Space Man
I found a picture of a book ( Eaton`s Canada Christmas Catalog 1968. I this catalog Horikawa`s Fight...More
 - Winky Robot Blue
Yonezawa - Winky Robot Blue
Winky Robot, made by Yonezawa in Japan in the late 1950`s is just an icon from the golden age, perio...More
 - Space Explorer
Yonezawa - Space Explorer
This Tin wind up astronaut was made in 1958 and came in 2 variations: WITH and WITHOUT a shoulder an...More
 - Space Whale Ship
Yoshiya - Space Whale Ship
F.W. Woolworth Company priced this windup toy at $ 0.98  not knowing that this pricetag would s...More
 - Super Kun
Nomura - Super Kun
Character toys were and still are a different chapter in the history of the Golden Age. Only made fo...More
 - Tetsujin T-28 Flying Saucer
Nomura - Tetsujin T-28 Flying Saucer
Nomura - Tetsujin T-28 Flying Saucer One thing is for sure... Tetsujin does not need a dome to fly ...More
 - Talk Robo
Alps - Talk Robo
This rare robot was never sold outside Japan. Its made somewhere in the seventies and I bought the r...More
 - Fire Rocket X-0077
Yonezawa - Fire Rocket X-0077
who on earth came up with the name of this rocket: X-0077 The name simply does not make much sense,...More
 - Golden Lantern Powder Robot
Linemar - Golden Lantern Powder Robot
Lantern, powder, smoking... these are some phrases that belong to this extremely scarce robot. Inves...More
 - Cragstan Ranger Robot
NGS - Cragstan Ranger Robot
" Daiya Ranger Robot was made in the late fifties in Japan by Daiya and is one of the grea...More
 - Super Kun Jet X-3
Nomura - Super Kun Jet X-3
Makino Productions was responsible for the design of this airplane with Super Kun behind the steerin...More
 - Missile Robot
Alps - Missile Robot
When you see this robot in action you understand immediately why not many of these survived. Its the...More
 - Super Space Commander
Jung Poong - Super Space Commander
And just when you think you have seen everything you find this robot that puts everything upside dow...More
 - Pogot
Russia - Pogot
Well, lets face it, my russian is not the best Language, I speak english, french, german, dutch, bel...More
 - Mechanical Driving Man aka Driving robot
SY - Mechanical Driving Man aka Driving robot
One of the best robot swings ever made comes from SY. Made in Japan in the mid 1960`s. This time its...More
 - Super Astronaut Rotate O Matic
Horikawa - Super Astronaut Rotate O Matic
Love them or hate them... these Golden Horikawa Robot are harder and harder to find every year. This...More
 - M-27 Moon Explorer
Yonezawa - M-27 Moon Explorer
It still amazes my how these toys pop every time in the UK. They must have sold very well there beca...More
 - Magic Space Dog
Yoshiya - Magic Space Dog
A FEMALE :-) lady tin dog, build by Yoshiya in Japan in the late 1950`s. This very scarce and rare s...More
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