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 - Super Robot
Horikawa - Super Robot
I have something special with this robot. It must be the Robots eyes :). This Super Robot was m...More
 - Airport Flying Saucer
Modern Toys - Airport Flying Saucer
I think this is the first time I saw a spacetoy that is not a spacetoy or is it... ? :) Ye...More
 - Space Superman no 106.C
Hong Kong - Space Superman no 106.C
This strange looking robot is made in a series of 4 robots. You are looking at number 106 C. Totally...More
 - Space Station Red Version
Horikawa - Space Station Red Version
Just imagine: You are 8 years old, sitting in front of a christmastree and Santa has brought you som...More
 - Space Traveling Monkey
Yanoman - Space Traveling Monkey
I have seen many spacetoys and robots during the years but I never expected to find an escaped monke...More
 - Universe Boat ME 605
China - Universe Boat ME 605
As we all know also the chinese were able to make great spacetoys during the golden age. Not much bu...More
 - Indian Space Scout AT-11
AmarToy Dehli - Indian Space Scout AT-11
One of my favorite spacetoys is the Yanoman Space Scout S-17. The combination of the color, the shap...More
 - Super Mars King
Horikawa - Super Mars King
There is one company that made the best robots ever and that is Horikawa. Problem is that they made ...More
 - Super Astronaut Prototype
Horikawa - Super Astronaut Prototype
Well... what can I tell about this robot. I found it in Italy last year and bought it because it had...More
 - Chime Trooper Astronaut Mechanical
ASC - Chime Trooper Astronaut Mechanical
The translations of the Japanese are hilarious :-) Take a look at the box and you will see what...More
 - Engine Robot Japanese Version
Horikawa - Engine Robot Japanese Version
Its clear Horikawa did not only made robots for the US market but also for their home market. This J...More
 - Toy Story 3 Flying Saucer
China - Toy Story 3 Flying Saucer
When I was on vacation in France this year I was taking petrol at a shell station. When I wanted to ...More
 - Venus Robot
Yoshiya - Venus Robot
A small box with a ditto robot. Made in Japan in the late sixties by KO Yoshiya. There are seve...More
 - Smoking Robot
Yonezawa - Smoking Robot
Take a seat and take some time to read the story behind this robot, here we go :) ..... Of course...More
 - Ucan Daire UD 012 Flying Saucer
Ne-kur - Ucan Daire UD 012 Flying Saucer
The Turkish toy company NE-KUR made some decent space toys in the 1970's, mostly knock offs of Japan...More
 - Lunar Robot
Yonezawa - Lunar Robot
Dont you think this robot looks great ? is it a torso or just a head or both ? does it have eyes mou...More
 - Mars King
Horikawa - Mars King
This great looking robot is a very hard to find one and is therefore missing in many collections. It...More
 - Robot Car X-9
Modern Toys - Robot Car X-9
Modern Toys - Robot Car X-9 Modern Toys was just a special devision of the big Masudaya concern w...More
 - Apollo Spacecraft
Modern Toys - Apollo Spacecraft
This great spaceship or spacecraft was build in Japan in de mid 1960`s by Modern Toys ( Masudaya ) I...More
 - Robby Space Patrol
MTH - Robby Space Patrol
I am hunting for this toy for years now but was never able to lay my hands on a perfect original exa...More
 - Lunar Spaceman GOLD version
Hong Kong - Lunar Spaceman GOLD version
Last Year I met a collector in Waterloo ( Belgium ) who simply has it all.... all variations, a...More
 - Mini Robotank TR-2
Nomura - Mini Robotank TR-2
There are not many robots and spacetoys build in Japan during the fifties and sixties that take penl...More
 - Moon Rocket Space Train
Marusan - Moon Rocket Space Train
I could not believe my eyes when I saw this train the first time but the box was very clear.... MO...More
 - Cosmic Fighter Robot
Horikawa - Cosmic Fighter Robot
A late but great robot, build in the mid 1970`s in Japan by Horikawa. Cosmic Figher Robot has a...More
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