Vintage Space Toys: page 23

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 - Robot a Resorte Orange variation
Paya - Robot a Resorte Orange variation
Surprisingly these robots were not made in Japan but in Spain. They are produced by Paya and were av...More
 - Winky Robot Blue
Yonezawa - Winky Robot Blue
Winky Robot, made by Yonezawa in Japan in the late 1950`s is just an icon from the golden age, perio...More
 - Sparky Robot Blue Variation
Yoshiya - Sparky Robot Blue Variation
Sparky Robots were made in the late fifties in Japan by KO Yoshiya and came in several var...More
 - Big Loo
Marx - Big Loo
A piece or art... that is what this robot is to me, WOW.  Made back in the sixties with a limit...More
 - Mac El Robot Parlante
Ledy - Mac El Robot Parlante
This almost 14 inch robot was made in .... Not Japan but in Mexico. MAQ EL ROBOT PARLANTE - LEDY 19...More
 - Smoking Robot Blue variation
Yonezawa - Smoking Robot Blue variation
Although these robots sold pretty well in their time, they prove that smoking is not only unhealthy ...More
 - Mechanical Martin
Hishimo - Mechanical Martin
I think this is the first toy that will remain a mystery for quite a long time. I spent almost ...More
 - Shopping Robot RX-888
Ohsato - Shopping Robot RX-888
This Robot has its own house :) Take a good look at the box and you can see what I mean. There is mo...More
 - Space Superman no 106.C
Hong Kong - Space Superman no 106.C
This strange looking robot is made in a series of 4 robots. You are looking at number 106 C. Totally...More
 - Cragstan Ranger Robot
NGS - Cragstan Ranger Robot
" Daiya Ranger Robot was made in the late fifties in Japan by Daiya and is one of the grea...More
 - Space Boat
China - Space Boat
Space Boat MF 847, made in China in the early sixties is again an example of Chinese Quality Toymaki...More
 - Tetsujin 28 no.1
Nomura - Tetsujin 28 no.1
This 7 inch in hight robot was made in the sixties in Japan by Nomura. His name is: Super Hero ...More
 - Space Scout
Yonezawa - Space Scout
Another "Winky" variation is shown here and the differences are pretty big compared to a W...More
 - Super Astronaut Rotate O Matic
Horikawa - Super Astronaut Rotate O Matic
Love them or hate them... these Golden Horikawa Robot are harder and harder to find every year. This...More
 - Walking Knight in Armor
Modern Toys - Walking Knight in Armor
From Belgium this time, found on an attic where it was left almost unplayed with for many many many ...More
 - Space Pioneer
Modern Toys - Space Pioneer
These days, making a toy producing a loud "sirene like" sound will not be difficult w...More
 - Universe Boat ME 767
China - Universe Boat ME 767
Somethimes even I dont recognize the rare toys anymore, I have no idea why this happends but i had t...More
 - Airport Flying Saucer
Modern Toys - Airport Flying Saucer
I think this is the first time I saw a spacetoy that is not a spacetoy or is it... ? :) Ye...More
 - Astronaut
Cragstan - Astronaut
Made in the late fifties for Cragstan by Yonezawa in Japan. This astronaut is a much searched for sp...More
 - Space Traveling Monkey
Yanoman - Space Traveling Monkey
I have seen many spacetoys and robots during the years but I never expected to find an escaped monke...More
 - Universe Boat ME 605
China - Universe Boat ME 605
As we all know also the chinese were able to make great spacetoys during the golden age. Not much bu...More
 - Tetsujin No.2
Nomura - Tetsujin No.2
Whenever I find a robot or spacetoy I always want to know the story behind it. For someone who lives...More
 - Robot with Piston Action
Nomura - Robot with Piston Action
This Robot is also called " Pug Robby " and was made in Japan by Nomura in the late fiftie...More
 - Chime Trooper Astronaut Mechanical
ASC - Chime Trooper Astronaut Mechanical
The translations of the Japanese are hilarious :-) Take a look at the box and you will see what...More
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