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 - Super Robot
Noguchi - Super Robot
My collection has grown a lot during the past 2 years and still I focus on battery operated robots a...More
 - V-3 Robot Space Tank
Yoshiya - V-3 Robot Space Tank
And just when I thought I had seen all robby the robot variations I bumped into this space tank on a...More
 - Mars Explorer
Rocket USA - Mars Explorer
Produced as a very very late spacetoy in the USA (not Japan) is this Mars Explorer by Rocket USA. It...More
 - Magic Color Moon Express
Unknown - Magic Color Moon Express
This odd spacetoy was build in the mid 1970`s in Taiwan ( the box says Taiwa without an N by the way...More
 - Space Patrol X-11
Yonezawa - Space Patrol X-11
There are 2 known versions of this great space patrol tank X-11. One in "olive" green and ...More
 - New Sky Robot
Horikawa - New Sky Robot
There are 3 robots that I am aware of that share the same body, engine robot, new sky robot and a si...More
 - Rotor Robot
Cragstan - Rotor Robot
Not every great robot comes from Japan and this Rotor Robot is a very good example of early HongKong...More
 - Super Sonic Space Rocket
Yoshiya - Super Sonic Space Rocket
I considered myself very lucky when I found this new / mint example of Yoshiya`s Super Sonic Space R...More
 - Space Ship X-8
Modern Toys - Space Ship X-8
Masudaya`s Space Ship X-8 is a very strange and rare variation on the more common flying saucers lik...More
 - Space Explorer (GREY version)
Ichiko - Space Explorer (GREY version)
Japanese flying saucer made in Japan by Ichiko. Space Explorer is a "turning around the light&q...More
 - Rotator LSD Robot
Horikawa - Rotator LSD Robot
I saw many many strange and rare robots in my life so far and was almost 100 % sure that this robot ...More
 - Space Patrol 2019
Yonezawa - Space Patrol 2019
Here is where it all started for vintagespacetoys: Yonezawa Space Patrol 2019 flying saucer. This f...More
 - King Flying Saucer
Yoshiya - King Flying Saucer
King Flying Saucer made by Yoshiya (KO) In Japan. The artwork on the box is outstanding for such a l...More
 - Space Commander
Nomura - Space Commander
Build in the mid 1960`s by Nomura ( T.N ) in Japan. Space Commander is a round shaped space sta...More
 - Mr Atomic
Yonezawa - Mr Atomic
Whenever I find a robot it gives me a special feeling but my heartrate went over 170 when I bumped (...More
 - Batmobile
ASC - Batmobile
Batman was for sure a great inspiration to the Japanese Toybuilders. This beautifully Tin Batmobile ...More
 - New Flying Saucer
Yoshiya - New Flying Saucer
Made in Japan, New Flying Saucer. It was manufactured by Yoshiya (KO) It has the famous mystery bump...More
 - Thunderbirds T2 Space Patrol
ASC - Thunderbirds T2 Space Patrol
ASC did not produce many space related toys in the 1960. Based on the popular tv-series "Thunde...More
 - Space Tank ME-091
Beijing Toy No. 1 Factory - Space Tank ME-091
Inspired on the famous Robby the Robot ( from the movie "forbidden planet in 1956) this china m...More
 - Flying Saucer Z-101
Modern Toys - Flying Saucer Z-101
This friction powered flying saucer is one of the first flying saucer ever build by the famous Masud...More
 - Easelback Robot
Marx - Easelback Robot
Robot made by Marx / Linemar in Japan in 1957. We all know this robot as Easelback robot but its ori...More
 - Spacerocket X-1800
Modern Toys - Spacerocket X-1800
There are several of these bulletshaped spacerockets build in the 1960`s by Masudaya ( Modern Toys )...More
 - Flying Saucer Spaceship (blue astronaut)
NGS - Flying Saucer Spaceship (blue astronaut)
NGS - Cragstan Flying Saucer Spaceship was one of my challenges and on top of my wishlist for a very...More
 - Sky Patrol Flying Saucer
Yoshiya - Sky Patrol Flying Saucer
I have been able to find out the exact year of production of this Sky Patrol. After a long sear...More
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