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 - Space Ship X-5 (orange)
Modern Toys - Space Ship X-5 (orange)
Modern Toys Space ship X-5 of the late 1970`s ( 1979 to be exact). As a late, maybe o...More
 - Astronaut
Daiya - Astronaut
Also this astronaut does not need much of an introduction. The famous Daiya / Cragstan Astronaut. Da...More
 - Friendship #7 Bump&Go
Modern Toys - Friendship #7 Bump&Go
This odd shaped flying saucer was build in Japan by Masudaya in 1963. There are 2 versions that I&nb...More
 - Moon Patrol Radio Controlled
Gakken - Moon Patrol Radio Controlled
"Steer this moonship without wires, up to 50 feet away !" This is how this spaceship was a...More
 - Mr. Patrol Astronaut version
Horikawa - Mr. Patrol Astronaut version
Build by Horikawa on the famous robot platform in 1966. This is one of the strange variations of the...More
 - Lunar Module
M.I. - Lunar Module
To all the collectors of Moon Landing Modules.... plz pay attention because you will have only ONE&n...More
 - Flying Jeep
S&E - Flying Jeep
At first sight its a bit of a borderline toy but when you look closer you know you are wrong... This...More
 - Strange Explorer Tank
DSK Trade Mark - Strange Explorer Tank
I had to look twice before I believed my eyes.... I had seen DSK - Strange Explorer Tanks before but...More
 - Chief Smoky
Yoshiya - Chief Smoky
This robot shares his body with many several others as you may have noticed. The same skirted body w...More
 - New Space Capsule
Horikawa - New Space Capsule
Horikawa New Space Capsule, build in the 1960`s (1964) in Japan is definitively one of the most attr...More
 - Mistery Action Satellite X-107  (Green Version)
Modern Toys - Mistery Action Satellite X-107 (Green Version)
There are 3 known versions of this flying saucer that I am aware of. 2 green versions and 1 red ver...More
 - Giant Robot aka R-Robot
Bandai - Giant Robot aka R-Robot
Bandai was not well known for making robots but they did in fact made an awesome robot in the late s...More
 - Space Tank M-41 (Green Version)
Modern Toys - Space Tank M-41 (Green Version)
The Vietnam war had its influence in the creation of toybuilding in the mid and late 1960`s. This gr...More
 - Radical Robot
Yoshiya - Radical Robot
This robot is an icon from the sixties and was build in several variations. Build by Yoshiya (KO) in...More
 - Space Station Keroyon
Nomura - Space Station Keroyon
This Keroyon Spacestation, build by Nomura in the late 1960`s was definitly made for the Japanese ma...More
 - Sonicon Space Bus
Modern Toys - Sonicon Space Bus
The first thing that will cross your mind when you lift up this bus is the word: HEAVY. This &q...More
 - Apollo 7 Spacecraft
Modern Toys - Apollo 7 Spacecraft
In the mid 1960`s lots of space related toys became more and more reality-based. Masudaya (Modern To...More
 - Space Explorer Ship X-7
Modern Toys - Space Explorer Ship X-7
I don`t know why, but Flying Saucers still give me a special feeling. Maybe its just because th...More
 - Luna Hovercraft
Tps - Luna Hovercraft
All the rockets, flying saucers and spaceships from that were made in the sixties had ONE thing in c...More
 - Space Superman 2
Hong Kong - Space Superman 2
This strange looking robot is made in several series and variations. I still trying to sort out...More
 - Ufo X-2
Daiya - Ufo X-2
Its unbelievebel that this tiny saucer survived the re-entrance of earth`s atmosphere. This little f...More
 - Super Spaceman 6
Hong Kong - Super Spaceman 6
This strange looking robot is made in several series and variations. I still trying to sort out...More
 - Space Ship FX 105
Alps - Space Ship FX 105
Though this Spaceship lacks the use of tin, its still much searched for by collectors of space toys....More
 - Jupiter Rocket D-119
HWN West Germany - Jupiter Rocket D-119
Build in the mid 1950`s in the west part of Germany. This odd friction powered rocket survived the y...More
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